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clsc logoReading together since 1878, the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle has remained a leader in adult education through quality programming.

Each summer, the CLSC chooses at least nine books of literary quality and invites the authors to Chautauqua present their work to an audience of approximately 1,000 readers.

A gate pass is required to participate in all CLSC programs on the grounds.

Note: CLSC Class of 2019 graduation is August 7, 2019

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CLSC Young Readers program

The CLSC Young Readers program encourages the enjoyment of good reading. The books have been chosen for their quality, the variety of styles and subjects, and their appeal to young adult readers. A special program is offered each Wednesday. Book selections and program information are fully described in the Young Readers brochure available in-season at the CLSC Veranda.

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Young Readers Historic Book List

All announced CLSC author presentations are below.


  • Wednesday, June 26, 2019 | 10:45am

    Dan Egan, CLSC Author, The Death and Life of the Great Lakes

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    For thousands of years the pristine Great Lakes were separated from the Atlantic Ocean by the roaring Niagara Falls and from the Mississippi River basin by a “sub-continental divide.” Beginning in the late 1800s, these barriers were circumvented to attract freighters from the Atlantic and to allow Chicago’s sewage to float out to the Mississippi.

    Location: Amphitheater


  • Thursday, July 18, 2019 | 03:30pm

    Aja Gabel, CLSC Author, The Ensemble

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    Jana. Brit. Daniel. Henry. Together, they are the Van Ness Quartet. Brit is the second violinist, a beautiful and quiet orphan; on the viola is Henry, a prodigy who's always had it easy; the cellist is Daniel, the oldest and an angry skeptic who sleeps around; and on first violin is Jana, their flinty, resilient leader.

    Location: Hall of Philosophy


  • Thursday, July 25, 2019 | 03:30pm

    Ilya Kaminsky, CLSC Author, Deaf Republic

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    Deaf Republic opens in an occupied country in a time of political unrest. When soldiers breaking up a protest kill a deaf boy, Petya, the gunshot becomes the last thing the citizens hear―they all have gone deaf, and their dissent becomes coordinated by sign language. 

    Location: Hall of Philosophy


  • Thursday, August 08, 2019 | 03:30pm

    Sarah Ruhl, CLSC Author, Letters from Max: A Book of Friendship

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    In 2012, Sarah Ruhl was a distinguished author and playwright, twice a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. Max Ritvo, a student in her playwriting class at Yale University, was an exuberant, opinionated, and highly gifted poet. He was also in remission from pediatric cancer.

    Location: Hall of Philosophy


  • Thursday, August 15, 2019 | 03:30pm

    Kanishk Tharoor, CLSC Author, Swimmer Among the Stars

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    In one of this collection’s singularly imaginative stories, despondent diplomats entertain themselves by playing table tennis in zero gravity―for after rising seas destroy Manhattan, the United Nations moves to an orbiting space hotel.

    Location: Hall of Philosophy