The Passing Zone Saves the World!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Location Amphitheater

$20, Gate pass or event ticket required.

Sponsored by Jim and Kathy Pender and the Michael Pender Memorial Fund of the Cleveland Foundation

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The Passing Zone has been wowing audiences for decades with hilarious, award-winning performances. During their 18 years together, The Passing Zone has been awarded five Guinness World Records and 18 Gold Medals from the International Jugglers' Association. Their combination of comedy, dexterity, danger and hilarity has audiences on their feet all across the globe. And now, they put the world’s troubles on their shoulders and attempt to save us all! How do they do it? By temporarily suspending gravity. By turning chainsaws into dance partners. Through infectious laughter. So whether your favorite part will be the stun gun, the chainsaws, the superhero capes, or the ping pong balls…save the date, because there’s nothing more important than saving the world.

The Passing Zone is represented by Geodesic Management, LLC