Katelyn Beaty

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Location Amphitheater

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Editor-at-large, Christianity Today

Katelyn Beaty served as the youngest and first female managing editor for Christianity Today, evangelicalism’s flagship magazine. Currently the magazine’s editor-at-large, she is the author of A Woman’s Place: A Christian Vision for Your Calling in the Office, the Home and the World.

Prior to becoming editor-at-large at Christianity Today, Beaty first worked at the magazine as a copy editor; she would go on become associate editor, launch a women's website (Her.meneutics) with Sarah Pulliam Bailey and become the magazine's youngest and first female managing editor. She also served as editorial director for Christianity Today’s blog, “This is Our City.” In her first book, A Woman’s Place, Beaty urges all believers into a better framework for imagining career, ambition and calling. She challenges her readers to explore new ways to live out the Scriptural call to rule over creation — in the office, the home, in ministry, and beyond.

Beaty has written for The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and The New York Times and has commented on faith and culture for CNN, ABC, NPR, the Associated Press, Religion News Service, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and McClatchy Newspapers. She is a graduate of Calvin College, and studied theology at Oxford University.