Chamber Concert & Conversation: Cristina Pato and Mazz Swift

Monday, June 29, 2020
04:00pm EDT

Location CHQ Assembly Video Platform

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Cristina Pato, gaita and piano
Mazz Swift, violinist and composer


Improvisation on “Meus Benqueridos Irmáns” by OCTAVIO VÁZQUEZ
Improvisation on “Plainsong for Jojo” by MICHI WIANCKO
Improvisation on "same word different smile"  by DANA LYN
Improvisation on “You Can Fly” by ALISA ROSE
Improvisation on “LIFE AFLOAT” by MAZZ SWIFT

Cristina Pato and Mazz Swift have created a unique way of introducing their collaborative project INVISIBLE(s) in today’s world. In this program, specially curated for Chautauqua Institution both artists will perform solo improvisations on the pieces commissioned for their Invisible(s) project and engage in a musical conversation about visibility, invisibility and about learning and sharing ways of discovering the multiple realities around us.

“Sometimes I think about what would happen if history were to be written by forgotten communities and about the way this recovered memory would alter our social, cultural and political landscape. There are so many realities remaining invisible to us, so many unknown ways of living, of understanding life. What may be invisible to me may be at the center of another person’s existence, and what I see as perfectly visible may also be invisible to others.

In 2018 I met Mazz Swift as a composer and violinist during a Silkroad Ensemble residency. I was already working on the idea of creating a program focused on the idea of invisibility and when we met she had just shared with us one of the pieces of her collection “16 Hits or Misses”, about the victims of police brutality and racism. I fell in love with her music and vision, and at that moment I knew I wanted to learn more from her.

This project is a way of bringing together two ways of understanding life and music through our own compositions and multiple instruments, but also through other composers’ languages. This project is also about learning and sharing ways of discovering the multiple realities around us."

“I believe fiercely in the power of improvisation, to improve people's lives. Practicing, hearing, and witnessing improvisation creates profound human experience. I revel in the art and craft of composition—conjuring textures and moods, generating vibes and grooves, constructing a whole from many parts. My practice of mindfulness and compassion through meditation - in music and in life - compels me to use whatever power I have to foster awareness: in myself, in my music, and in the world, with an aim toward radical change. I want to uplift anyone who is willing to listen. In every area of my life, I aspire to transform and be transformed.

I am forever grateful to have met Cristina in the context of the Silkroad Ensemble. One brief collaboration on a piece of mine, written for victims of police brutality made it very clear that she and are thinking the same way about the power of music and how we can use it for healing.”

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