Damask Vocal Quartet

Monday, July 22, 2019

Location Lenna Hall

Gate pass required. Purchase at our Main Gate Welcome Center, (716) 357-6250

Damask Vocal Quartet gives “voice” to stunning and rarely performed repertoire for vocal quartet. Based in the Netherlands, Damask unites musicians of four nationalities: American soprano Katharine Dain, French mezzo-soprano Marine Fribourg, English tenor Guy Cutting, and Canadian baritone Drew Santini. Fittingly, the name Damask refers to a luxurious woven textile developed in 14th-century Damascus, a vibrant hub for major international trade routes where ideas, cultures and art/design practices were freely exchanged. In late 2018 Damask will release its first full album, titled O Schöne Nacht, featuring luscious 19th-century quartets of Brahms, Herzogenberg, and Jenner and piano pieces by Kirchner.