It is rare that in the course of our everyday actions we have the unique opportunity to so directly shape the life of a young person and to help propel his or her artistic future. And yet, that is precisely what a scholarship gift does.

The students who are enrolled in the Schools of Fine and Performing Arts provide the energy and vibrancy CHQ welcomes and celebrates each summer. Philanthropy makes possible the continued flow of fresh talent and creative vigor that is at the heart of the CHQ experience.

Currently, approximately 80% of the students enrolled at CHQ will receive financial aid with the average scholarship award covering about 68% of their overall cost to attend. The average cost of tuition, room and board–which varies slightly based on the program in which the student is enrolled–is approximately $4,500. It is an ongoing challenge to ensure that all students–regardless of their economic means–have the opportunity to study their craft and excel in their creative endeavors at CHQ.

Extraordinary talent and desire bear no relation to financial means. Countless CHQ dancers, musicians, actors, artists, and singers have come to study here from limited financial backgrounds, then have gone on to achieve prominence in their art forms. 


Audrey Corsa 2It’s rare in these recent years to come across a group of people, let alone an ENTIRE COMMUNITY of good hearted human beings who are willing and able to support the arts in such a giving manner. In these past weeks, I have been filled with such humility and struck by so strong a sense of altruism the likes of which I’ve never felt before.... Thank you with all my spirit, words aren’t enough.”

—Audrey Corsa, Chautauqua Theater Conservatory