For many, Chautauqua is home in the most profound sense–a place to learn, to grow, to live securely, to revel in an environment of physical beauty. By supporting the Chautauqua Fund you are helping to provide a place where issues of the day are explored and the arts continue to flourish.

Your 100% tax-deductible gift to the Chautauqua Fund will help ensure a successful and vital future for the Chautauqua Institution. Unrestricted giving to Chautauqua's annual fund is among the most valuable of gifts the Institution can receive.

Gifts to the annual Chautauqua Fund are also a wonderful way to honor or memorialize someone. We will acknowledge your contribution with a note informing the family member or friend you designate.

Gift Matching Programs

To promote charitable giving, many companies match  their employees' gifts to non-profit organizations. If yours is one, your contribution to Chautauqua can be generously increased. (If the information is required, please note that the Institution's tax identification number is 16-0758844.) 

Donor Advised Funds

A donor advised fund, which is like a charitable savings account, gives you the flexibility to recommend how much and how often money is granted to Chautauqua and other qualified charities. You can recommend a grant or recurring grants now to make an immediate impact or use your fund as a tool for future charitable gifts. 

Leadership Giving

While gifts of any amount are most welcome and deeply appreciated, leadership giving to the annual fund is a wonderful way to help sustain the delivery of the Chautauqua experience at the highest quality and to more deeply engage with the program and community.


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Sponsor Club $5,000+
Patron Club $10,000+
Benefactor Club $25,000+
Presidents Circle $50,000+

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Member $1,874 to $3,499
Fellow $3,500 to $4,999