Thank you for considering a stay on Chautauqua Institution’s historic and idyllic grounds. As you prepare for your trip, you can rest assured that our entire community, from our staff and residents to business owners and fellow travelers, is committed to maintaining Chautauqua as a safe and family-friendly destination. Below you'll find some brief information and links to resources that will assist you in your planning.

The information below details how Chautauqua will come to life in 2021 — and how that will be similar to and different from recent years. One thing we know for sure is that the experience each of us has at Chautauqua will depend on all of us approaching this summer with a spirit of understanding, flexibility and looking out for each other.

Vaccinations, Testing and other Screening and Prevention Measures

As required by New York State   

  • Proof of Vaccination or Recent Negative Test (within 72 hours for PCR or 6 hours for rapid antigen): Required for all persons over age 2 to attend events in venues where attendance exceeds the state's gathering limits, but neither will be required to enter the grounds. As capacity limits for gatherings increase, this requirement will be in place for fewer venues. For now, we suggest people be ready to meet this requirement for any ticketed event.
    • Testing: Not offered on grounds, but information regarding nearby testing sites and at-home testing services will be available.
    • Children: New York State does not allow exceptions to the testing requirement for children.
    • Proof of Vaccination: Currently, the three types of proof of vaccination we are permitted to accept is: (1) the official COVID-19 vaccination record card; or, for New York residents, (2) a NYSIIS printout from a health care provider or the local health department; or (3) the Excelsior Pass via mobile device or printed copy. 
    • Proof of Negative Test: We are still waiting for approval of the process for showing proof of a negative test and will update here as soon as possible. 
  • Temperature checks: Required for entry into our venues, but not for entry into the grounds.
  • Masks: Required in all public venues and facilities, except when seated at a foodservice venue. Also required anywhere on the grounds where distancing is impossible. We are aware of CDC guidance regarding masks for vaccinated individuals released on May 13, 2021, and are awaiting information from New York State as to whether it will release similar guidance. We are required to follow New York State guidance. 
  • Distancing: Six-foot distancing between parties will be required at all events.

Services and Amenities

  • Medical Services: We are served by a number of local and regional hospitals that are accustomed to accommodating seasonal population increases. During our Summer Assembly, AHN-Westfield Memorial Hospital operates a primary care clinic on the Chautauqua Institution grounds.
  • Amenities: Chautauqua is home to a number of shops and restaurants, all operating in compliance with New York state guidance and laws, and our recreation activities and facilities provide ample opportunities and space to safely break a sweat indoors and out. Hours and availability vary by program and season. Visit the Chautauqua County Visitors Bureau for information on all our region offers.
  • Public Transportation: Limited, with restricted capacity and masks and distancing required.
  • Youth Programs: Operational, with modifications including reduced group sizes, changes to program structure, and optimization of outdoor space and time to ensure safety and compliance with New York state regulations.

Events at the Amphitheater and Other Venues

  • Capacity: Limited according to state regulations, and will depend in part on the size of groups we are permitted to seat together as well as the distance we are required to maintain between those groups.
  • Seating: Assigned for all events, and with strategies such as timed and assigned entry points to ease venue entry and to avoid the accumulation of queues.

Tickets and Accommodations

Please Note: To manage within the anticipated capacities required by New York State, we have suspended sales of Traditional Gate Passes for Weeks One–Five until further notice. Grounds Access Passes remain available.

  • Tickets and Gate Passes: Start here to plan your 2021 Summer Assembly stay.
  • Accommodations: Secure your accommodations through our online directory and search engine (availability varies by season). Our Athenaeum Hotel follows CDC, state and local requirements regarding health and safety measures; if you’re staying in private accommodations, check with your host regarding their procedures.
  • Refunds: Make any ticket purchases with the assurance that our generous refund policies, applied to any purchase of Institution-provided tickets or accommodations, mean your investment is safe. If you’re staying in privately owned accommodations, please check with the host regarding their separate refund policies.

Please note that Chautauqua Institution is subject to these New York State requirements and our operations must follow them. The Institution will do everything possible to implement these measures as efficiently and safely as possible, including to preserve and honor the Chautauqua experience that our community cherishes.