Non-Authorized Ticket Purchases

Tickets to events at the Chautauqua Institution including single tickets to events in the Chautauqua Amphitheater must be purchased through the Chautauqua Institution Ticket Office or authorized local vendor Wegmans in Lakewood, New York, and Erie, Pennsylvania.

Scalpers and ticket brokers are not recognized ticketing agents of Chautauqua Institution. If you purchase from a non-authorized person or ticket broker, you risk purchasing an invalid, lost or stolen ticket that is not valid for admittance into Chautauqua Institution for the event in question. Chautauqua Institution employs scanning technology for admittance to events.

Only valid tickets will scan to authorize entry into the Amphitheater for an event. Invalid, lost or stolen tickets will be deactivated and thus will not be valid for entry into the Amphitheater for the event in question. Anyone who purchases tickets from a scalper or ticket broker does so at their own risk. We urge everyone to purchase tickets at the Chautauqua Institution Ticket Office or at authorized vendors.

Ticket Refund Policy

Long-term tickets will be refunded to the original form of payment until the start of the season ($10 service fee applies). No refunds will be processed after this date.

Ticket Replacement Policy

Any ticket that is lost, stolen or misplaced will be replaced for a non-refundable fee.

  • Gate, parking: $10 fee
  • Single opera and theater tickets: $2 per ticket
  • Single tickets (i.e. day, evening) are non-refundable and non-replaceable.
  • Theater and opera tickets will be refunded ONLY with corresponding long-term ticket refund requests. A $10 service fee will be applied to all refunds.