David Moss

Tuesday, July 14, 2020
02:00pm EDT

Location CHQ Assembly Video Platform

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"A Glimpse into the Divine?"

David Moss views himself as an illuminator, animator, and transformer of Jewish texts, objects, spaces, and souls. He began his career in Jewish art when he fell in love with Hebrew calligraphy. 

He is responsible for the revival of the hand-decorated Jewish Marriage Contract— Ketubah—spent three years on a commission to create an illuminated Haggadah—the Passover book celebrating the Exodus—and is a partner in the Tree of Life Shtender—an intricate study/prayer stand containing virtually all the Jewish ritual objects.  Whether creating books, prints, objects, educational programs, or designing communal buildings, each of his projects draws deeply on Jewish text and tradition, and contains the spark of creativity and is executed with meticulous craftsmanship. 

David lives in Jerusalem and is a co-founder of Kol HaOt which harnesses the power of the arts for Jewish inspiration and education.  He is the coordinator of the Teacher Institute for the Art, a fully funded year-long program to bring his educational vision into Jewish schools in North America.  He currently is producing an ongoing series of limited-editions works for a group of private and institutional subscribers.

David’s Works are exhibited at or in the permanent collections of: the British Museum, Duke University Library, Harvard’s Widener Library,  Hebrew Union College Library, Getty  Museum, Israel Museum, Jewish Theological Seminary Library, Library of Congress, Magnes Museum, National Library of Canada, New York Public Library,  Princeton University Library, Skirball Museum, Stanford University Library, Tel Aviv Museum, Yale’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, and Yeshivah University Museum.