Thank you for your patience as we rebuild our calendar listing accurately reflect the offerings of our 2020 online assembly. Our program directors are currently working with 2020 lecturers, chaplains and artists to confirm their participation via remote video feed. All events listed below are confirmed. Please check back regularly, as we post frequent updates regarding confirmed programs and the online forum in which they will take place.

Week One :: June 27–July 4

Climate Change: Prioritizing Our Global and Local Response

How we talk about climate change is rapidly shifting. But amid the ongoing political debates, how are we — and should we be — responding?

  • What does prioritizing a response to climate change mean, and how do we collectively determine the overall benefits and costs of such investments?
  • How do we balance proactive work aimed at reversing climate change with strategies for adapting to the realities of its worst effects?
  • We examine case studies of solutions being sought at a global and local scale, from the work of small U.S. towns to foreign countries, and from corporate investments to military strategies. 

Interfaith Lecture Theme :: Faith to Save the Earth

Climate change is often called a scientific or political issue, but is there an imperative that comes from a position of faith? In this week, we explore what role various faith traditions play in response to the care of the earth and how those different world views might be harnessed to prioritize our global and local response.

June, 2020

LEctures category description

Chautauqua Lecture Series (Morning Lectures)

10:45 a.m., Monday-Friday, Amphitheater

Ideas and opinions are exchanged in an open, challenging atmosphere, and Chautauqua's knowledgeable audiences have the opportunity to participate in question-and-answer sessions at the conclusion of the lectures.


Interfaith Lectures

2 p.m., Monday-Thursday, Hall of Philosophy

The Interfaith Lecture Series is designed to present issues that impact the lived experience of everyday life from theological, religious, spiritual, ethical, and humanitarian perspectives.


CLSC Lectures

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Heritage Lecture Series

Presented by the Chautauqua Institution Archives, this series combines the research of Archives staff with notable historians and Chautauqua scholars in order to explore the rich history of Chautauqua and its effect on American culture.


Special Lectures

Lectures sponsored wholly or in part by the Department of Education but which fall outside the normal 10:45 a.m. Amphitheater format will be posted as they are scheduled.


Chautauqua Visual Arts Lecture Series

Chautauqua Visual Arts (CVA) hosts a weekly public lecture series of profound thought leaders in the visual arts from all over the world. We are delighted to present luminaries who will share their current projects and discuss relevant topics of the day.

Below you will see our 2020 schedule. Each lecture and discussion will occur on Tuesdays, from 6:30–8:30 p.m. from June 30–August 25, 2020. We welcome everyone to attend online this year and to participate by asking questions live, in conversation with our guests.

We look forward to hosting our lecture series both online and in-person in 2021. In the meantime, we are excited for people to have access to, conversations with, and to learn from these exceptional people who we are thrilled to introduce through our series:


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