Student Handbook

Cost Estimates

Living Costs 
Residence Hall $650 
Security Deposit $100 (refundable)

Meal Plan
All meals (7 days) $900

Instructional Costs (includes full instruction costs, fitness center membership, registration fee, and gate ticket)

  • Piano Program $3,035

TOTAL: $4,585

Chautauqua Piano is TUITION FREE. 100% of our students receive a scholarship that covers tuition, with many others including room/board as well.


As one of only four official Steinway summer programs, the Chautauqua Summer Festival maintains a first-rate fleet of Steinway grand pianos for practice, lessons, and performance. Each piano student is assigned at least 5 dedicated hours daily on a Steinway grand.

Sherwood-Marsh Piano Studios are beautifully-renovated teaching and performing spaces within an historic structure at CHQ. Sherwood Recital Room is a 100-seat space with a pair of well-matched Steinway Ds, and is used for group classes, master classes, weekly performance classes, and some competitions. In addition to the Recital Room, there are three teaching studios in Sherwood-Marsh with paired Steinway Bs and Os, and two rehearsal rooms, each with one grand piano. All pianos are in excellent condition and are maintained at a professional standard throughout the summer.

Other performance spaces on the grounds used by the piano program include Fletcher Hall (completed in 2008; capacity 250; Steinway D), Lenna Hall (state-of-the-art recital hall; capacity 500; two Steinway Ds), and McKnight Hall (renovated historic building in 2007; capacity 150; Steinway B). In short, our facilities are unmatched.



“CHQ is nourishment for the body, the mind and the heart. The spirit that inhabits every corner of the place encourages introspection and engagement. As a performer, one could not ask for a better setting or a better audience – cultured, curious, relaxed, engaged.”


– Frederic Chiu