The Chautauqua School of Art residency program has a base of core resident faculty/mentors along with visiting artists who will hold workshops and give lectures throughout the season. All core-mentors will host weekly one-on-one conversations with participating artists and will conduct workshops of their specialties from their own practices, which are described below:

Core Mentors 

Hrag photo Aram Jibilian 2Hrag Vartanian

Hrag Vartanian is Editor-in-Chief and Co-founder of Hyperallergic, critic, curator, artist and photographer. Hrag will be critic-in-residence, developing VACI’s first writing program for artists and critics that will look at arts writing and how it is evolving in the 21st century. Students/participants will be working together with Hrag on project-based workshops.

In residence July 5–August 1 (Weeks 2, 3, 4, 5)

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AlpeshAlpesh Kantilal Patel

Alpesh Kantilal Patel is a contemporary art historian, critic, and curator based at Florida International University, Miami, where he directed the MFA program in Visual Arts from 2012-2017.

"Storytelling and Worldmaking" Artworks can be part of innumerable contexts: everything from contemporary painting to the history of flamingoes. Adapting the popular PechaKucha format of storytelling, participants will give pithy presentations (10 slides, 20 seconds each) driven by image and as a mode of research (rather than reflections of what you already know). These will then be discussed as a group with an eye toward clarifying that artworks do not exist in a vacuum but are always already part of multiple, vibrant contexts. The workshop will empower students to consider what artworks and broader ideas they are in dialogue with. At the same time, this workshop will underscore that artworks do not reflect the world but instantiate new ones.

In residence July 5–August 8 (Weeks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)


Yasmeen Siddiqui 2Yasmeen Siddiqui

Yasmeen Siddiqui is the founder of Minerva Projects and a curator, essayist, and lecturer committed to voicing unorthodox narratives about artists today.

Yasmeen and students/participants will conceptualize a book project. Through this process they will challenge the ways art historical canons are drawn on in international exhibitions through a case study: the Bodhgaya Biennale 2020. The Chief Curator, a Minerva Projects artist, exemplifies ways artists sometimes work in curatorial capacities, and together we will consider ways artists can disrupt power structures.

In residence July 5–25 (Weeks 2, 3, 4)

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Eunsong KimEunsong Kim

Eunsong Kim is an arts writer, poet and translator. She teaches critical race & ethnic studies at Northeastern University. Her book project in progress, "The Politics of Collecting: Property & Race in Aesthetic Formation" considers how legal notions of property become foundational to avant-garde and modern understandings of innovation in the arts. Eunsong hopes to explore how forms of expression might be re-imagined with the students at Chautauqua.

In residence August 1–8 (Week 6)


Kalup LinzyKalup Linzy

Kalup Linzy is an interdisciplinary artist and curator. He has taught at Harvard University, New York University, School of Visual Arts, New York, and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Linzy thematically explores sexuality, gender stereotypes, cultural identities, and his childhood upbringing through soap opera based video and performance works. His videos are characteristically hyperbolic and gritty, often low-tech in quality with plots calling on socialization and community. Linzy pushes gender boundaries by adorning himself and his subjects in drag, manipulating the voice, and inserting a familiar cultural vernacular into his dialogues. Exploring and discussing narrative, Linzy plans to workshop scenes and recreate moments from his iconic videos with students.

In residence July 5–18 (Weeks 2, 3)


WendyRedStar 2Wendy Red Star

Wendy Red Star is an artist who works across disciplines to explore the intersections of Native American ideologies and colonialist structures, both historically and in contemporary society, informed both by her cultural heritage and her engagement with many forms of creative expression, including photography, sculpture, video, fiber arts, and performance. As an artist and educator, Red Star will offer mentorship and guidance to students to expand their knowledge of Native American art with a focus on research and intergenerational collaboration.

In residence July 8–15 (Weeks 2, 3)


Hasan Elahi 2Hasan Elahi

Hasan Elahi is an artist, Professor and Director of the School of Art at George Mason University and a board member of Creative Capital. Hasan will be working with students/participants at Chautauqua on developing new formal and informal academic curricula that respond to a changing creative economy while focusing on a balanced academic and artistic life.

In residence July 5–11 & July 26–August 8 (Weeks 2, 5, 6)

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Jean Shin 2Jean Shin

Jean Shin is an artist whose large-scale installations speak to identity and community. She is on the faculty at Pratt Institute and a board member of the Joan Mitchell Foundation. Jean will engage students in multi-faceted projects in the public realm, including site-specific installations and socially engaged works.

In residence July 5–25 (Weeks 2, 3, 4)

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Filsoofi Image 2Raheleh Filsoofi

Raheleh Filsoofi is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work incorporates ancient and contemporary media such as ceramics, poetry, ambient sound, and video and addresses issues regarding borders, immigration, and inter-cultural communications. She gives participants the opportunity to explore the dynamics of the ceramic process and the expressive quality of the clay medium, while at the same time emphasizing art as a means of social engagement. Through a series of scaffolded individual and collaborative projects, participants develop skills in the artistic conceptualization and a creative process that is never final. Current projects focus on local natural resources as the physical and symbolic essence of place and the values of community and stewardship. Through the projects, we sensitize ourselves to an awareness of Nature and its relation to the human condition. Projects in making are expanded through a curatorial project and conference discussions on the contributions of ceramics to socially engaged art.

In residence July 5–August 8 (Weeks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)


VACI Faculty and Visiting Artists

Carmen FerraroCarmen Ferrero
Artist and Educator
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Fueyo LaurenLauren Fueyo
Artist and Educator
Young Artists, Drawing
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Raoul Pacheco headshotRaoul Pacheco
Visiting Artist and Ceramic Specialist
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Sam Peck 2Sam Peck
Artist and Educator
Young Artists, Printmaking

d rogers 2David Rogers
Artist and Educator
Figure Drawing, Digital Media, Painting

Elise G. RenfrowElise A. Renfrow
Artist and Educator
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BrantWeilandBrant Weiland
Kiln Master and Ceramics Studio Technician
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 The VACI Team

judy barieJudy Barie
Susan and John Turben Director of VACI Galleries
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ErikaDiamondErika Diamond
Assistant Director of VACI Galleries
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Paul Hauth
School of Art Supervisor of Operations and Facilities

Lynn LeFauveLynn LeFauve
The Gallery Store Manager



SML Headshot1 June2016Sharon Louden
Sydelle Sonkin and Herb Siegel Artistic Director of the Visual Arts
Artist, Educator, Advocate for Artists, and Editor of the "Living and Sustaining a Creative Life" series of books
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Sara resize 2Sarah Malinoski-Umberger
Manager, Chautauqua Schools of Performing and Visual Arts

McBroom Concierge

Hannah McBroom
VACI Concierge
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Chip McCall 2Joshua (Chip) McCall
School of Art Manager
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