Welcome to the 2021 Season!

This page lists all long-term and short-term ticket options, plus information about many other services and tickets. Before you begin, you may want to consult our Planning Your 2021 Stay page.

Table of Contents

• Gate Passes & Parking Rates

• Boats

• Special Studies & Online Learning

• Youth Programs

• Recreation

Order Your Gate Pass

A gate pass is required to enter the grounds and acts as your passport to the Chautauqua Experience. Please note the new gate pass pricing and structure for 2021. Rate charts are included below. There will be two types of gate passes for purchase:

    • Traditional Chautauqua Gate Pass: Includes access to the Institution grounds and admission to most of our programming. Up to two "Popular Entertainment" events weekly will require purchase of an additional ticket. This change was prompted by anticipated capacity and distancing restrictions due to COVID-19. To ensure the safety of all attendees at our higher-demand Popular Entertainment shows, a separate, assigned-seat ticket will need to be purchased. Please note, a Gate Pass also includes a subscription to CHQ Assembly (the digital expression of Chautauqua Institution), for one month.
    • Grounds Access Pass (GAP): Provides access to the Institution grounds only. If the pass holder would like to attend a ticketed event, they will need to purchase a full-price single ticket separately (a la carte). Please note, a Grounds Access Pass includes a subscription to CHQ Assembly (the digital expression of Chautauqua Institution), for one month.

Both pass types include access to art galleries, beaches, parks, and complimentary transportation services.

Guests ages 12 and under need to register with the ticket office to receive a complimentary "Traditional" Gate Pass.

For ages 13 to 25, youth gate passes are available at a reduced rate.

Complimentary "Traditional" Gate Passes are available for active military members (with valid ID) and for guests who are at least 90 years of age (or turn 90 before current season ends). 

House Credits:  Any patrons who opted to defer funds last year may apply the dollar amount of their House Credit toward their 2021 gate pass order. Please place your order by phone and be sure to mention that you have a House Credit to use. 716-357-6250


Purchases in addition to the gate pass

  • Amphitheater Popular Entertainment Concerts & Preferred Seating
    • Seating configurations for events in the Amphitheater are not known at this time. Please check back for more information about events in the Amphitheater.

  • Parking Pass: Required for on-grounds and Main Lot parking.

  • Mooring and Boat Registration Fees: The Institution requires registration for all boats, via the ticket office. Mooring rentals are available for ramps, buoys, and slips.

  • Recreation Activities: Sign up for golf, tennis, or fitness center programs.

  • Special Studies Classes: Lifelong and enrichment learning with more than 400 classes offered.

  • Youth Programs: Including preschool, day camp, tennis, sailing, golf and Special Studies classes.

Season Gate Pass Prices
   Traditional Gate Pass (includes most programming) Grounds Access Only Pass
Adult Youth (ages 13–25) Adult Youth (ages 13–25)
Through April 7, 2021 $2,149 $359 $1,530 $315
April 8 to May 31, 2021 $2,295 $359 $1,530 $315
Starting June 1, 2021 $4,374 $359 $1,530 $315
Season Weekend Pass
Valid Fri. 4 p.m. - Mon. 10 a.m.
Not Available Not Available $540 $540


Weekly Gate Pass Prices
    Traditional Gate Pass  (includes most programming)* Grounds Access Only Pass**
Adult Youth (ages 13–25) Adult Youth (ages 13–25)
Starting 2/9/21 Starting 6/1/21 Starting 2/9/21 Starting 2/9/21 Starting 2/9/21
8 weeks $2,149 $4,374 $359 $1,360 $315
7 weeks $2,149 $4,374 $359 $1,190 $315
6 weeks $1,999 $3,249 $359 $1,020 $300
5 weeks $1,699 $2,545 $359 $850 $250
4 weeks $1,399 $1,959 $359 $680 $200
3 weeks $1,099 $1,459 $300 $510 $150
2 weeks $799 $945 $225 $340 $100
1 week or 6 days $440 $495 $125 $170 $50
5 days $419 $419 $125 Not Available Not Available
4 days $349 $349 $125 Not Available Not Available
3 days $279 $279 $125 Not Available Not Available
2 days $199 $199 $118 Not Available Not Available

Gate pass policies are located at chq.org/ticketing-policies.

All gate passes require the holder’s full name. Titles and initials may not be used.

If staying in on-grounds accommodations, the address will be required when ordering the gate pass.

Where multiple-week discounts apply, per pricing above, we ask that patrons purchase all weeks in the same transaction (weeks need not be consecutive). Partial weeks are not eligible for this discount.


Parking Prices (per vehicle)
Duration Main Lot per car Private per car Institution Zoned per car
Season $219 $245 $475
8 weeks $210 $235 $449
7 weeks $205 $229 $435
6 weeks $190 $219 $399
5 weeks $180 $205 $385
4 weeks $169 $199 $349
3 weeks $149 $175 $319
2 weeks $125 $135 $289
1 week $65 $69 $259
Daily $10 $12 $55
Daily (Concert) $15*

*Main Lot parking rate increases after 3 p.m. on day of concert.

Please note that the majority of our parking is located in the Main Lot. Most accommodations do not provide a parking pass. Please check with the property owner prior to placing your parking pass order.


North and South Lots

Chautauqua Institution offers a reserved parking program for property owners who:
      1. have no parking at their on-grounds residence; and
      2. have purchased a full-season gate pass.

South Lot Spot $350 Assigned Parking
North Lot Spot $279 Unassigned Parking

Renewals: Need to be purchased by March 15 to maintain parking rights.

Reassignment requests: Submit request to ticketoffice@chq.org by March 15. If reassigned, we require that the original parking pass be returned before the reassigned parking pass will be issued. Notification of reassignments begins April 1.

New Requests Waiting List: Submit request to ticketoffice@chq.org, including contact information and property address. Requests are reviewed in the order in which they are received. Notification of assignment begins May 3. Requests submitted after May 3 will be added to the waiting list for the following season.

South Lot spaces are renewable annually, but once relinquished by a single owner, will return to the pool for reassignment. South Lot spaces may not be handed down nor transferred in perpetuity. South Lot spaces are not affiliated with nor guaranteed in the purchase of any specific property

Institution Dock Prices (Mooring and Boat Registration)

Chautauqua Institution offers mooring in an assigned space. Vessels moored at an Institution or private dock are required to purchase and display a current registration sticker. The mooring rental period needs to match the dates on an accompanying gate pass.

  • Mooring Renewals and Reassignments: Need to be purchased by March 16 to reserve the prior season assignment. Reassignment requests are due March 16; send to ticketoffice@chq.org. Notification by docks staff begins June 1.
  • New Mooring: Only assigned by the Central Dock Office. Starting June 1, contact the office at docks@chq.org or 716-357-6288.

Purchase of mooring assumes agreement to terms of lease.
Institution docks include: Central, Evergreen, Maple, McClintock, North Ave., North Shore, Oak, Overlook, Sailing, and Wiley docks. All other docks are private.

  • Boat Sizes: Small Boat (12 feet long and shorter); Large Boat (longer than 12 feet)
  • Ramps are for vessels like a Sunfish, rowboat, or canoe.
  • Small vessels that are sharing a mooring space are subject to one moorage fee for the shared space and a separate registration fee for each vessel.
Institution Docking
Mooring & Vessel Registration Fees
Renewals through 3/16/21 New or Renewals 3/17/21
Season Ramp: Small Vessel $157 $165
Season Buoy: Small Vessel $148 $155
Season Buoy: Large Vessel $313 $330
Season Slip: Large Vessel $515 $540
Weekly Ramp: Small Vessel $81 $85
Weekly Buoy: Small Vessel $81 $85
Weekly Buoy: Large Vessel $123 $130
Weekly Slip: Large Vessel $148 $155
Private Mooring
Vessel Registration Fees Only
Season Small Vessel $88 $95
Season Large Vessel $253 $270
Weekly Small Vessel $44 $45
Weekly Large Vessel $81 $85

Special Studies and Online Learning

We’ve taken Chautauqua’s beloved Special Studies program online! Visit Chautauqua’s new Online Classroom, where patrons can enroll in master and enrichment classes from your home this summer and year-round. We do plan to offer limited in-person classes on the Chautauqua grounds this summer.

The 2021 online experience offers classes for youth and adults in subjects ranging from art, music, photography, culinary arts, religion, and philosophy, to fitness, dance, history, literature, and writing. Enjoy Chautauqua’s unique learning experience and enrich your mind, body, and spirit online! Classes in a variety of subjects, for youth and adults, are offered through Chautauqua’s Special Studies program. The diverse curriculum includes master classes with Amphitheater speakers, courses through the School of Art, School of Dance and Chautauqua Writers’ Center, and more than 400 classes in subjects ranging from history and handcrafts to fitness and the culinary arts.

For more information or to register, visit classes.chq.org.


Youth Programs

Chautauqua’s programs for youth present a diversity of activity, in settings varied and historic. From pre-school to day camp, from sports instruction to informal youth centers, from enrichment classes to entertainment, and from reading to experiences in the arts, these programs offer opportunities to explore the Chautauqua experience. At the same time, youth are encouraged to grow in independence, make choices, take responsibility and celebrate family time, all in the safe and supportive community that is Chautauqua.

For more information, visit youth.chq.org.


Children's School

For more information about the program, visit childrensschool.chq.org

Children's School Fees
Please note: 2021 Prices reflect increased operational costs for COVID-19 safety compliance.
Season $1,199
8 Weeks
7 Weeks
6 Weeks
5 Weeks
4 Weeks $675
3 Weeks
2 Weeks
1 Week

Group One

For more information about the program, visit groupone.chq.org

Group One Fees
Season $1,259
8 Weeks
7 Weeks
6 Weeks
5 Weeks
4 Weeks $739
3 Weeks
2 Weeks
1 Week

Boys' and Girls' Club

For more information about the program, visit club.chq.org

Boys' and Girls' Club Fees
Season $1,459
8 Weeks
7 Weeks
6 Weeks
5 Weeks
4 Weeks $805
3 Weeks
2 Weeks
1 Week


Chautauqua Golf Club offers two championship 18-hole public golf courses. Season memberships include greens fees and use of the Learning Center — a complete teaching and practice facility. Learning Center memberships can be purchased separately.

For non-member daily fee rates, tee times, bag storage, lockers, and other membership options call 716-357-6211 or to book online visit chqgolf.com.

Golf Memberships
Season Single $1,260
Season Family* $1,785
Season College (ages 18–23) $435
Season Junior (age 17 & under) $290
Season Single Young Adult (ages 24–40) $670
Season Family* Young Adult (ages 24–40) $950
Additional Family Member $250
One week/Individual** $175
One week/Family** $300
Season Locker Only $70
Season Club Storage Only $110
Season Club Storage with Locker $160
Season Cart Single $640
Season Cart Couple $960
Season Cart Family $1,050
Learning Center Memberships
Individual $230
Family* $350
Junior (17 & Under) $165

*Family means parents plus children under age 18.
**Corresponding gate pass is required to purchase membership. Includes green fees, Learning Center privileges, cart and bag storage. Limit of 2 one-week memberships per person.



Long-term Gate Pass: Gate pass with a minimum length of 24 hours.

Age 12 & Under Gate Pass*: Registration required; no gate pass fee.

Youth Gate Pass*: Age 13 to age 25, based on age when the gate pass begins.

Age 90+ Gate Pass*: Registration required; no gate pass fee. Guests at least 90 years of age (or turning 90 before current season ends) are eligible.

Active-duty military*: Registration required; no gate pass fee.

Week: A week is any seven consecutive nights. Weekly gate passes are valid from 7 a.m. on the arrival date until 10 a.m. on departure date. Additional time may be purchased.

*For these passes the proof of eligibility is required when the order is placed. Proof of age or proper ID card may be required.

More Information Forthcoming

As we continue to work through our pricing plan for 2021, concurrent with parallel planning for compliance with health and safety regulations, we anticipate having more details to share soon about the following ticket types and programs:

  • Popular Entertainment
  • Day Passes, including portions of days
  • Youth, including Children's School, Boys' and Girls' Club and Group One
  • Opera
  • Theater
  • Recreation, including golf, tennis, sailing and Sports Club

We will provide notice when details are posted via our regular e-newsletter communications, which you may sign up to receive at this link (check the box for "2021 Information and Announcements").