Chautauqua Mirror Project

thumbnail image002Chautauqua Institution has a history of holding space for conversations and dialogue, and the African American Heritage House has hosted some of the most dynamic and important conversations about race on the grounds. The Institution and the AAHH are partnering on a project designed to spur community discussions about racism this summer and beyond.

The Mirror Project is a chance for the Chautauqua Institution community to reflect on racism and to help shape CHQ Assembly Virtual Porch discussions that will be offered online during the 2020 assembly and into later months. Starting this summer, the Institution and the African American Heritage House will host moderated discussions about the themes, concerns, or debates that emerge from our posted reflections.

Please answer as many of the prompts below as you wish and we will post responses here. Your responses will directly influence the topics chosen for discussion on the CHQ Assembly Virtual Porch. And throughout the summer, we will add additional questions and prompts based on presentations from speakers, artists, chaplains and guests.

We ask that you avoid hateful language and that you respect the opinions of others, even if you do not share them. Chautauqua Institution may remove any response it feels violates these guidelines.

Additional prompts that emerge from our online platform, such as questions posed to speakers, will be posted throughout the summer and we hope that you will come back often to respond to new prompts so the conversation grows and evolves.

The Questions:

• Has your thinking about racism evolved since national protests and related media coverage began toward the end of May?

• Are you discussing racism in your family? If so, what are some of the learnings or insights you have had from those discussions? Is the conversation different among your friend group, colleagues or other cohort? If so, how?

• Confirmation bias is a form of bias where we interpret new evidence or information in a way that confirms our view on a topic. Do you think confirmation bias is at work in your thinking about race or racism? If so, how are you working to identify and prevent it?

Your Answers:
Respond using our form below or tag #chqmirror on Instagram, Twitter or in a post on our Facebook Page.