Chautauqua is primarily a pedestrian community with very narrow streets. The use of automobiles on the grounds is tightly restricted.

Guests can obtain a free, limited-time street permit to unload and load luggage at their accommodations, and then may park in the Main Lot for a daily fee. Special long-term parking rates are also available. The Institution provides regularly scheduled complimentary shuttle bus and tram service on the grounds during the season.


On Grounds


Bicycles are an efficient way to get around the grounds. They must be equipped with a bell or other signaling device and have brakes in working order.

After sunset a headlight and rear reflector are required, and New York State law requires that bicyclists under 14 wear a safety helmet. A bicycle rental shop is located on the grounds during the season. Bicycles may be rented from the Jamestown Cycle Shop's Chautauqua location on Massey Avenue, next to the Chautauqua Fire Department, 10 a.m.–6 p.m. Monday–Saturday, noon–6 p.m. Sunday (716-357-9032). Skateboarding is not permitted on the grounds. Rollerblading is allowed on perimeter streets.

In order to better regulate bicycle traffic at Chautauqua and to provide for better enforcement of our rules and regulations about bicycles, the Institution requires the registration of all bicycles. There is no charge for registration and registration stickers can be issued and mailed by the Ticket Office along with your ticket order.

Electric Scooters 

All scooters must be registered. Long term scooter rentals available through the information booth at the Main Gate Welome Center.

Please check our Scooter Registration for details.

Accessibility for People with Disabilities

We work very hard to accommodate accessibility needs by offering a number of options to help:

  1. Enter the grounds using a 45-minute “drop off” pass. These passes are available at the Main Gate automobile entrance, just north of the Main Gate Welcome Center. After passengers are dropped off, the vehicle must be parked in the Main Lot.
  2. Park in the large designated section of the Main Lot. You will need a state-issued parking permit to park in this area. You must then cross the highway where you can board a bus or tram to your destination.
  3. Electric scooters may be rented/registered at the Main Gate Welcome Center in advance by calling the Ticket Office (716-357-6250). Wheelchairs are also available for rent on a first-come basis. 
  4. For further assistance, please visit the Main Gate Welcome Center upon arrival and request the assistance of a supervisor.