The Chautauqua Bird Tree and Garden Club provides 90 free events related to these grounds, the natural world and topics effecting our planet. Occurring at venues across the grounds, we invite you to join one of the many nature talks, walks and chats. Our nature guides and master gardeners conduct tours of the gardens, lead guided discovery thru the grounds and are experts on topics related to birds, trees, gardens, and monarchs. Join BTG as we celebrate nature!

Our lecture series occur at Smith Wilkes Hall Mondays and Tuesdays 12:15. Visitors are encouraged to bring a lunch and settle in to hear an expert in the field. 'Monday 12:15 Monarch and More' speakers present information related to these incredible butterflies struggling for survival and in many cases are symbolic of the challenges occurring throughout the natural world as well as other nature topics such as wetlands, bees, composting and More! Our Butterflies and Blooms initiative encourages home owners to create 'eco-systems' in their gardens using native plants. The 'Tuesday 12:15 Brown Bag' lecturers range from bird experts, authors, algae researchers, garden experts and bee keepers to name a few. With a focus on eco/lake and monarch friendly practices, take notes on a topic and apply the learning back home.

This season's Program Brochure for events that occur throughout the season will be available June 1 or access our website at chautauquabtg.org. Many events are suitable for children and multi generational. If you have any questions, please email us at chautauquabtg@gmail.com

Support the Bird Tree and Garden Club with membership - for you or as a gift. Annual and Life memberships are available by completing an application online at chautauquabtg.org.

The 2020 House and Garden Tour will occur July 16, 2020 during Week Three next season. For ticket information please check chautauquabtg.org.

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2019 BTG Brochure


Learn more at chautauquabtg.org


Weekly Events


Monarch Moments and More!  12:15pm at Smith Wilkes Hall 
Lake Walks  6:30pm Heinz Beach at the Youth Activities Center back porch


Bird Talk and Walks 7:30am at Smith Wilkes Hall
Brown Bag Programs 12:15pm at Smith Wilkes Hall
Garden Walks 4:15pm at Smith Wilkes Hall back patio


Garden Walks 9:15am at Fletcher Music Hall, tour concludes near the Amphitheater
Shipman Garden Tour at Miller Edison Cottage 1 pm (tickets may be purchased at the Main Gate Ticket Office, $10)


Nature/Tree Talks 1pm, See program guide for location


Nature Walks 9:15am at Smith Wilkes Hall (rear entrance, lakeside)
Purple Martin Chats 4:15pm lakefront between the Bell Tower and Sports Club