Chautauqua Institution is proud to partner with the Chautauqua Theater Company to present an interactive, three-part playwriting project for area third and fourth grade students from C. C. Ring Elementary School and Fletcher Elemetary Schools (Jamestown), Chautauqua Lake Elementary School and Panama Elementary School. For the 2020-2021 school year, this program is being completely re-conceived and adapted for online presentation, allowing students to participate in their classrooms and in their homes, responding to the needs of schools in the post-COVID teaching environments.

The Young Playwrights Project is based on Florida Studio Theatre’s Write-A-Play program, now in its 29th year. This project includes three phases. During Phase 1, students learn the art of playwriting, focusing on empowering the student imagination and voice. Students will view engaging videos that guide students through the playwriting process and collaborate with CI Arts Education teaching artists during Zoom meetings. During Phase 2, the CI Play Reading team will meet with third grade classes via Zoom to act out student plays, allowing students to hear their words on the page come to life. This phase will also include an online student celebration, during which students will learn which plays have been selected to be produced by the Chautauqua Theater Company during Phase 3. Phase 3 will feature these selected plays in the Chautauqua Institution Young Playwrights Project Film Festival, produced by the Chautauqua Theater Company. This film festival will be shared with all participating students as well as made available to the public via the CHQ Assembly.

Watch the Young Playwrights Project 2020 Film Festival

The 2020 Film Festival is on-demand on the CHQ Assembly Virtual Porch. Virtual Porch events are free with registration.

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Chautauqua Young Playwrights Project: Fall 2018–Summer 2019

Chautauqua Institution Young Playwrights Project at Westfield Elementary


Chautauqua Institution Young Playwrights Project at MJ Fletcher Elementary


Chautauqua Institution Young Playwrights Project


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