Chautauqua Institution is the recipient of the 2010 Silver Award from the International Awards for Livable Communities. Endorsed by the United Nations Environment Programme, the LivCom Awards is the world’s only awards competition focusing on international best practice regarding the management of the local environment.

Designated both a National Historic District because of the characteristics of Chautauqua, the place, it is also designated as a National Historic Landmark because of its contribution to American culture. Chautauqua joined seven other iconic American places as the recipient of the Heritage Award from the Urban Land Institute.

In presenting the award ULI stated “If the physical archetype for traditional neighborhood developments in the United States is colonial Charleston, Savannah, or Annapolis, the holistic prototype has always been Chautauqua…Its appeal derives not from its historical quaintness, but from its relevance to life today.”

Chautauqua Institution has also been honored by the American Institute of Architects for its commitment to historic preservation and by Chautauqua County for its leadership role in innovative energy-saving techniques.

Smith Memorial Library

libraryThe Smith Memorial Library of Chautauqua Institution anchors the southern end of Bestor Plaza.

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Chautauqua Advocates

advocateChautauqua Advocates are a group of dedicated Chautauquans that host local gatherings and share their Chautauqua experiences with friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

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African American Heritage House

071719 StaceyAbrams AW 05The African-American Heritage House (AAHH) an organization, informed by the African American Experience, committed to strengthening Chautauqua by encouraging and welcoming diversity, fostering honest conversations, and adding new voices to the programmatic mix.

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Chautauqua Women's Club

CWCThe Chautauqua Women’s Club, founded in 1889, has enjoyed a long, proud, vital history as an integral part of the Chautauqua experience.

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Bird, Tree & Garden Club

btgFounded in 1913, the purpose of the Chautauqua Bird, Tree & Garden Club is to help keep Chautauqua beautiful.

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LGBTQ and Friends

LGBTQ IMG 0324The LGBTQ and Friends Group at Chautauqua Institution aims to expand diversity within the Chautauqua Institution community by creating a sense of welcome and shared community for LGBTQ people and by educating family, friends, allies, teachers, pastors and others, through dialogue, about the LGBTQ community and their experience.

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Cohen Recording Studio

cohen studioThe state-of-the-art Cohen Recording Studio located on the lower level of Smith Memorial Library.

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book store extThe following is a list of community services available at Chautauqua Institutuion.

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CINEMA2Located in historic Higgins Hall on the grounds of Chautauqua Institution and curated by the same family for three generations, the Chautauqua Cinema is a one-of-a-kind, movie-going experience.

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Chautauqua Trail

chq trailChautauqua was a social and cultural phenomenon that permeated rural North America until the mid-1920s. Today only a handful of Chautauqua communities survive.

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