Publishers (including trade, university, and small presses), agents, readers, or authors may submit books published in 2015 by living writers.


  1. Each nominated eligible book is evaluated by three reviewers, representing a panel of Chautauquans who are writers, publishers, critics, editors, librarians, booksellers, and literature and creative writing educators. Books are distributed in a deliberate random fashion. If a reviewer self-discloses a concern that s/he cannot review a particular assigned book fairly, the submission is reassigned to a different reviewer.
  2. The reviewers read and recommend independently of each other and the staff at Chautauqua Institution.
  3. Books must be advanced for the finalist longlist by two of the three reviewers.
  4. Shortlist and winner are chosen by a three-member, independent, anonymous jury. Each jury member may also advance one selection to the finalist longlist.
  5. The task of the jury is to select books that, in their opinion, best fulfill the purpose of the prize.
  6. The jury’s choice of winners is binding and final.
Updated Sept. 11, 2015.