Your gift of $15,000 or more to the Amphitheater Endowment (payable over three years) will be doubled thanks to a matching gift of $1,500,000 by Chautauquan Tom Hagen.

When 100 families contribute $15,000 each, Chautauqua will have $3 million for the ongoing maintenance of our fabulous new Amphitheater. 

So stand up and be seated—Chautauqua will recognize your gift with a handsome, engraved plaque on an Amp bench.

Join the community-wide effort to provide future care for the new Amphitheater!

image.pngYou and your family can be part of this important moment in Chautauqua’s history. By building an endowment for the Amphitheater, the Chautauqua community solidifies a commitment to ensuring the new Amp will be a safe, functional and welcoming home for speakers and performers, audiences and generations of Chautauquans to come.

Anyone contributing $1,000 or more to the Amphitheater endowment will be recognized on the on-site monuments. Names of new donors will be added in each subsequent year. In addition, individuals or families who make a gift of $15,000+ to the Amphitheater endowment can be recognized with a custom, engraved plaque to be installed on a bench in the Amp. This gift may be paid over the course of three years.