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Studio Artist


Hometown: Brighton, Michigan




We challenged Tyler to a 30-second interview. Here is what he told us:
Q: What is your favorite opera?
A: I tend to get obsessed with whatever my current project is, so right now I guess it's Trouble in Tahiti by Bernstein!
Q: Who are your favorite singers?
A:That's a tough one. There are SO MANY amazing artists out there who all have something different to bring to the table. Robert Merrill, Leonard Warren, Cesare Siepi, Rockwell Blake, Joan Sutherland, Isabel Leonard, Simon Keenlyside, Jon Vickers, Teresa Berganza, Rene Pape (I could do this for a while...).
Q: What are your dream roles?
A: Marcello in Boheme, Ford in Falstaff, Onegin in Eugene Onegin, Don Giovanni, Wozzeck in Wozzeck.....There's a lot of stuff I want to sing.
Q: What was your favorite singing experience so far or your favorite role that you have performed?
A:I just finished a really fun production of The Rake's Progress where I sang Nick Shadow. There's something about trying to find the humanity beneath the truly villainous characters that proves endlessly interesting. Plus they always get to do the cool stuff on stage--the fighting, the dying, etc.
Q: What do you love about opera?
A: Personally, I love the moments of sublimity within art form. When talking about opera a lot of people talk about how it's really a juxtaposition of everything: the olympian athleticism of the most highly trained human voices, the vulnerability and communicative prowess of the actors on stage, the ardent playing of a well led orchestra, the majestic sets, costumes, and lighting--all of this is absolutely true. But at the end of the day, when I'm listening to or watching a really good operatic performance, I find that there are moments within the piece when I'm caught off guard by just how beautiful the music is and how powerfully the emotions are conveyed. The only real word I can use to describe it is sublime. Those are the moments that I live for, and I think no other art form can deliver this sublimity the way opera can.
Q: What is your favorite flavor of icecream?
A: I'm a purist--Vanilla all the way. If I'm feeling adventurous, cookies and cream is my other go to.
Q: What else should we know?
A: I’m a video game enthusiast. I love my Xbox. Almost as much as I love food and my Chihuahua puppy.