Now Hiring for our 2019 Season! 


Production Positions:

Chautauqua Theater Company invites applications for future production positions for its 2019 summer season. Contracts run 9-12 weeks starting in early/mid June, subsidized housing provided. To apply, send a cover letter, resume and three references to Please indicate the position you are applying for in the subject line.

Assistant Production and Facilities Manager

The Assistant Production and Facilities Manager is a key role in the smooth operation of Chautauqua Theater Company for each summer season. At Chautauqua, we present fully produced and designed shows in a very short amount of time. The Production & Facilities team work in support positions - making sure that all departments are supported to produce their best work every time within budget and resources. Top traits desired: a creative spirit, MacGyver-like problem-solving skills, and the ability to convey information in a clear, concise, and effective manner. A sense of humor and some college education wouldn’t hurt.

Responsibilities, including but not limited to: assisting the Production Manager in all aspects of running the production department; serving as Production Manager for Special Programming events; assisting other production departments as needed (especially in changeover); assisting Company Management with large events; assisting with maintenance of facilities; acting as a key facilitator for capital projects and facilities issues with the larger institution staff; organizing the disposal and recycling systems for the theater; managing signage and safety issues at all theater facilities; and, keeping an open conversation with the Production and Facilities Manager about any issues or concerns from the company.


Master Carpenter

The role of the Scene Shop Supervisor is quality control, making sure that the scenery being produced in the shop lives up to a safe and appropriate standard. Responsibilities include supervising the shop (including safety and cleanliness), generating cut-lists, executing difficult build projects, teaching, leading parts of strike and load-in, doing purchasing runs, and maintaining the shop and tools. Skills Needed: MIG Welding, Ability to read and comprehend draftings, Rigging Experience (preferred). Professional Experience required.



These entry-level Carpenter positions are responsible for building and loading in the shows, under the direction of the TD, ATD, and Scene Shop Supervisor. They must be able to understand working drawings and have a working knowledge of basic shop tools. Responsibilities include building 2 Main Shows, 3 NPWs, and one traveling Shakespeare. Should be enthusiastic and ready to build, load-in, and strike the shows for the summer. They will work in close contact with the Master Carpenter and ATD to execute the designs. Welding experience is helpful but not mandatory. Skills Needed: Standard Carpentry, Finish carpentry, MIG welding (preferred), Sewing (preferred).


Assistant Scenic Charge Artist

The assistant scenic charge artist is responsible for assisting in the interpretation of the set designer’s elevations concerning the color and texture of the scenery surfaces. The Assistant Scenic Charge Artist is responsible for interfacing with designers and painting on two mainstage shows, three NPWs, and one traveling Shakespeare. The paint team will also join the carp team for load-in and strike if time permits.

The assistant charge artist will work closely with the charge artist, TD, master carpenter, and other members of the build crew to develop a schedule for completion of each piece, and to understand which materials work best on various surfaces. Skills Needed: Color Mixing/Color Theory, Drawing, Advanced/Complex Faux Finishes, Drop Painting Experience (preferred).


Properties Artisan

The Prop Artisan is expected to participate in the research, acquisition and construction of props, furniture and set dressings for 2 mainstage productions, a traveling Shakespeare production and three new play workshops. The ideal applicant will have some professional experience, be familiar with hand and power tools, soft goods construction and general prop fabrication. Candidates must have organizational skills, problem solving abilities and be detail oriented.


First Hand/Stitcher

This position will carry the majority of the hands-on work within the Costume Shop, as both the Costume Shop Manager and Assistant Costume Shop Manager/Cutter/Draper will also be responsible for some administrative duties.Though primarily a Stitcher position, this person should expect to fulfill other duties within the shop as assigned (cutting, draping, crafts, dye work, etc.)


Duties include but are not limited to: working closely with cutter/draper on build tasks; instructing apprentice on new techniques; maintaining a clean and safe environment; helping with tasks assigned such as: shop opening and closing, load-in, strike, sewing, pulling and restocking, crafts, and dye work; working with great accuracy and speed on fitting and dress notes; cutting and patterning when needed.


Ideal candidates should have strong stitching skills, some cutting and draping experience, craft and dye skills, as well as previous professional experience.


Master Electrician

The Master Electrician acts as the department head for the lighting department. As such, they are a crucial component of the production team, making sure that all appropriate measures are taken to ensure a successful lighting design execution for each show throughout the season. Previous professional experience is desired.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to: supervise and schedule the electrics crew, including IATSE and non-union labor, in conjunction with the Production and Facilities Manager; facilitate the planning and load-in of production lighting equipment at the top of season as well as for each production; facilitating the maintenance all production lighting equipment; managing the budget of the lighting department; providing detailed expenditure information to the Production and Facilities Manager; ordering all equipment and supplies for the lighting department upon approval; facilitating and supervising the removal of all lighting equipment, attending all production meetings.


Lighting Technician

The Lighting Technician is responsible for the complete and safe build and run of multiple lighting designs. The responsibilities of the Lighting Technician include but are not limited to: assisting with the hanging and focusing of lighting equipment; serving as light board operator for all shows as needed; maintenance and repair of lighting instruments and equipment; hanging, rigging and focusing all lighting equipment along with other electrician staff that includes IATSE and non-union labor; programming lighting console in conjunction with other staff during technical rehearsals; maintaining a clean and safe workspace.


Non-AEA Assistant Stage Manager(s)


Assistant Stage Managers at Chautauqua Theater Company will work directly with AEA Stage Managers on mainstage and/or new play workshop productions. They will see a show through from pre-production to closing, working with the stage manager to manage the rehearsal room, and running the deck in technical rehearsals and performances while also serving as a member of the run crew. Expectations include, but are not limited to: creating and maintaining SM production paperwork; working with prop and costume shops to facilitate rehearsal needs; tracking props & costumes in rehearsals & performances; creating and maintaining deck running sheets & preset checklists; maintaining master scripts on new works; helping to inform the learning experience of Stage Management Apprentices. Candidates should be comfortable with Mac & PC computers, and proficient with the Microsoft Office Suite. Ideal candidates will be self-motivated individuals, with the ability to maintain a positive and supportive attitude, to multitask efficiently, to delegate when needed, and with a great attention to detail. ASM contracts in 2019 vary in length from 2 weeks to 7 weeks.

Administrative Positions:

Chautauqua Theater Company invites applications for future administrative positions, housing provided. To apply, send a cover letter, resume and three references to Please indicate the position you are applying for in the subject line.


Assistant Company Manager

The Assistant Company Manager reports directly to the Company Manager, but also serves each member of the company by helping to create and maintain a safe, comfortable, positive working environment.  This person runs many errands, assists in company hospitality, organizes and executes company parties and events, and assists with company housing. A warm and care-taking personality is necessary for this position, as well as the ability to multi-task, prioritize, and re-prioritize.  Strong organizational and document creation skills are helpful. The Associate Company Manager must be the type of person who is able to “find the right tool for the job”.


Marketing Associate

The Marketing Associate serves as right hand support to the Marketing Director. They oversee creation and printing of marketing materials, manage social media accounts and assist with interviews and photo shoots.

  • Adapt show poster graphics to appropriate print and media dimensions using Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign, or other similar programs
  • Ensure all branded messaging including images, video, social media, and any other published media remains consistent and aesthetically in the CTC voice and image.
  • Design, draft and print all show program inserts using InDesign or another like program, following the brand style guide and template from previous seasons
  • Update the website with accurate information and images using Joomla, and/or coordinating with the CHQ Digital Communications office
  • Schedule all WJTN radio interviews with artists and CTC staff, and communicate appropriate talking points and press prep for interviewees
  • Assist Marketing Director with social media brainstorming and content publishing
  • Assist Marketing Director with merchandise purchasing and tracking
  • Manage all print and digital media archives
  • Track ticket sales and data using Sharepoint and in-house CTC ticket reports
  • Manage all comp ticket and VIP ticket requests
  • Act as mobile CTC photographer/videographer at show Meet & Greets and other social/casual gatherings
  • Act as Box Office Manager at the Ticketing Kiosk before every performance in a professional and customer-first-friendly manner, managing waitlists, comp tickets and patron questions/concerns
  • Proficiency in Google Drive products and Adobe Creative Suite CS6 or CC highly encouraged