As of April 1, 2021

Children’s School, Group One, and Boys’ and Girls’ Club is required to follow regulations determined by New York State. A summary of these guidelines from 2020 can be found here. Chautauqua Institution with the support of a team of advisors has also developed safety plans for the operation of youth and family programs for this summer which will be in effect.


  • All participants, staff members, family, and guests will be required to wear CDC-recommended face covering when they are unable to maintain 6 feet of distance from other individuals. This applies to indoor and outdoor spaces
    • Participants will not be required to wear face coverings when they create an increased safety risk for the wearer such as during aquatic activities
  • Families will be required to share daily health screening information prior to or upon check-in
    • Children who are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 will not be permitted to attend programming
    • Families will be required to pick up their child or confirm that their child may return home on their own if symptoms develop during program hours. Children who develop symptoms during program hours will be isolated from their program group until departure
  • Air ventilation will be increased in all buildings through use of open doors, windows and fans.
  • Programming may be canceled in cases of inclement weather that limits our ability to safely operate
    • Program staff will make every effort to notify families of program cancelation prior to scheduled check-in time but this may not always be possible as weather conditions can change quickly
    • Refunds will not be processed when programs are canceled due to weather
    • Programming will only be canceled in extreme weather events where doors and windows cannot remain open
  • All groups will have limited registration. Current regulations allow for up to 15 kids per group plus staff members
  • Registration for youth programs must be completed at least two weeks prior to your session start date
  • Activities will be limited to single groups unless at least 6 feet can be maintained between all individuals
  • Increased surface sanitation and procedures will be in place for all venues
  • Consistent staffing will be maintained in groups as much as possible
    • Specialty counselors, teachers, and special guests will be required to maintain 6 feet of distance from groups
  • Activities will be limited to those that Program Leadership are confident can be offered safely
  • Children will be required to wash their hands and sanitize at regular intervals: check in to program, prior to departure, and between activities as needed
  • If there is a suspected positive case in a program, program leadership will report the case to Human Resources
    • Affected venues will be deep cleaned in accordance with the program safety plan
    • Depending on activity schedule, individual groups or the full program may be canceled for the remainder of the session or until a negative test is confirmed by a medical professional
    • Families will be notified if they are impacted by a change in program schedule and/or their child was potentially exposed to a positive case