The Abrahamic Program for Young Adults (APYA) is designed to reflect the efforts and mission of the Department of Religion in building the Abrahamic Community by teaching young adults at Chautauqua Institution about the shared heritage of the Abrahamic traditions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

APYA programming is designed for senior high and college aged young adults. Interactions, conversations, and experiences are planned to help participants to grow within their own faith, to grow in knowledge about other faiths, and to promote harmony among all faiths. For more information, please contact the Department of Religion at 716.357.6386 or email Maureen Rovegno at

The APYA Summer Office is located at Hurlbut Memorial Community Church (3rd Floor).


  • To dispel stereotypes through understanding and to seek ways to develop harmony among diverse cultures without sacrificing diversity.
  • To promote growth within one's own faith and to gain understanding and respect for the faiths of others.
  • To bring together young adults in the Chautauqua Community to address their concerns.
  • To create a lived experience of an Abrahamic Community. 

General Schedule of Events

  • Sports/Games
  • Movie Nights
  • Hot Topics and Q&A
  • Culture Nights
  • Porch Talks

07XX16 FEAT APYASacred Song CB 01

Recordings of the APYA statements/sharings that the Coordinators presented at the Sacred Song Service on July 31, 2016:

Statement 1 Statement 2 Statement 3 Statement 4