KalerDaniel MSFO

     Daniel Kaler, 2017 SAI Winner,
     Cleveland Institute of Music

The Sigma Alpha Iota Philanthropies, Inc. Competition rotates annually among the three departments, this year (2019) the competition will be held within the Piano Program. Winner receives $1,000 and performs as soloist with the Music School Festival Orchestra in the summer of 2020.

Sigma Alpha Iota Philanthropies Piano 
Guidelines 2019: 

Participation in the SAI Concerto Competition is not required, but is highly encouraged. Students may select their own concerto, but the selection must be approved by the faculty and orchestra director as early as possible, and before May 1, 2019. Most standard concerti will be approved.

The Sigma Alpha Iota Concerto Competition will be in two rounds. The rounds will be two days apart in the first week of the Festival; students who choose to participate should have the entire concerto prepared, with cuts selected, before the beginning of the program. An accompanist will be provided for both rounds at no cost to the participants.

Preliminary round: a 12-15 minute cut version with minimal tuttis, including a lyrical section, and a cadenza, if concerto has one. All movements of the concerto do not need to be included. Musical flow should be convincing, but need not be seamless.

Final round: 20-25 minute performance of the concerto, with significant tutti cuts, and including all movements of the concerto. Cuts may be made to solo material only if necessary to keep within the time limit.