Each summer Strohl Art Center, Fowler-Kellogg Art Canter and the Melvin Johnson Sculpture Garden present nine exhibitions in their beautifully renovated galleries and outdoor garden. My mission is for the Chautauqua audience to explore, appreciate and be inspired by the contemporary work created by nationally recognized artists who work in several different mediums. The 2019 season will feature small sculptures, ceramics, paintings, prints and an exhibition titled "Reconstructing Identities," focusing on diversity. Below are examples of the galleries' programming and history:

Design, Flow, Interpret, Repeat: Contemporary Abstractions | July 18–August 21, 2018
This vibrant exhibition in the Main Gallery of Strohl Art Center explored the relationship of color, shape and surface linking several artists work together with a common abstract gesture. Featured works included Harris Deller's black and white ceramic sculptures along with Susan English's color field paintings.

Masters In Craft | June 24–August 20, 2018
Several contemporary artists, who are now considered Masters, were highlighted in this predominantly three-dimensional exhibition featuring work in wood, glass, clay, metal, fiber and mixed media. These skillful artists, many of whom have been working for decades along with some newly recognized artists, such as Stacey Lee Webber, reflected the best of their craft.

Barnscapes New Work by Seth Clark | July 26–August 21, 2017
Seth Clark’s collage and sculptural work focuses on deteriorating architecture. Barns are designed to be huge forces of permanence, yet are now collapsing in on themselves. Among all of the clutter, shards of wood and layers of rubble, there remains a gentle resolve. These images are created through an ambitious layering process: creating collages with found paper to reflect the fragmented and complex tactility of decay.

Gradations | July 23–August 24, 2016
A combination of works with a gradual change in color, shape, material or size were shown in the Main Gallery of Strohl Art Center by six contemporary artists. This thematic exhibition highlighted the use of materiality as a way to view the artist’s true “hand”. The combination of works resulted in a language between Lauren Mabry's colorful spilling cylinders with Mia Tarducci's large expressionist paintings, as well as other participating artists.

The Circle/Square Game | July 22–August 25, 2015
It was a simple notion: circles and squares in a towering exhibition space creating a sense of wonder and flow. This exhibition featured nine contemporary artists whose work was made with paint, firework smoke, clay, glass, wood, salvaged materials and antique measuring tapes. Ted Larsen and Paula Overbay are two of the artists who collectively share the common thread of circles and/or squares in their works.

Gallery Staff

judy barieJudy Barie
Susan and John Turben Director of VACI Galleries



Lynn LeFauveLynn LeFauve
The Gallery Store Manager



The Gallery Store is a museum-quality gift shop located in Strohl Art Center. Approximately 60 artists and craftsmen from around the country are represented. The store offers unique handcrafted jewelry, fiber, wood, glass, metal and ceramic items for all to collect and enjoy.