Every student and emerging artist in the Chautauqua School of Art is invited into the richness of our distinctive visual arts program that offers a range of opportunities we call 
The VACI Experience.

June 27–August 15, 2020

Application deadline is March 2, 2020


lectures VACIgraphicVisiting Artist Lectures: We have lectures on Tuesday and Sunday evenings every week with various thought leaders in the visual arts to discuss the most current cultural topics in the arts today.  



classes VACIgraphicWorking with thought leaders: Our world-class, exceptional mentors meet with participants a minimum of twice a week as a group as well as private, one-on-one studio visits as needed and wished. This is a rare and unique opportunity to share and develop your work with thought-leaders and change-makers of today.


openstudio VACIgraphicWeekly Open Studios: Twice a season participants will open their studios for visitors to say hello and see what they're up to. 




celebrate VACIgraphicCelebrations: Pop-ups, impromptu gatherings, performances — experimentation in all forms is welcomed and strongly encouraged. Participants who attend the residency are encouraged to push boundaries and use resources at Chautauqua to discover more about themselves and their work. In 2019, we had our first Drag Show, mixers with participants in the Theater and Opera companies, and gatherings with VACI Partners.  


exhibitions VACIgraphicExhibitions: Our galleries show a variety of artists and subjects throughout the summer and our critics-in-residence host weekly gallery talks open to the public,



community VACIgraphicCommunity-wide Events: The Chautauqua School of Art exists in the incomparable cultural and intellectual community of Chautauqua Institution. Special Studies courses and various events open to the public will happen during your experience at VACI. Stay tuned for many different offerings to learn and explore the visual arts today. It's for everyone!


workshops VACIgraphicWorkshops & Demonstrations: Through the seven-week session, we offer technical workshops including Printmaking and Digital Media, and host guest speakers to conduct one-day workshops that are challenging and engaging.


collaborate VACIgraphicCollaborations:  VACI encourages collaborations between different fields, schools, artists and disciplines. We encourage collaborative projects and experimentation. We have also developed partnerships with schools across the U.S. to bring a diverse and talented population of students and emerging artists to the Chautauqua School of Art.