All nine weeks of digital content during the 2020 summer season will be archived for on demand viewing on Chautauqua Institution's Virtual Porch platform. Explore the index below for direct links to all of the opera videos that are currently available to view on demand.

(For more live and on demand content, including hundreds of lectures, master classes, conversations and presentations that span the breadth of Chautauqua Institution's programming, visit the CHQ Assembly and Virtual Porch platforms)


Cocktails, Concerts and Conversations Events

Each week, one Guest Artist and several Featured Young Artists of the Week join Steven Osgood in conversation during our feature presentation. The hour includes video highlights from the company’s weekly master class, Opera Invasion events, and Behind-the-Scenes conversations and will conclude each week with the world premieres of new compositions by Composer-in-Residence Frances Pollock, setting texts by playwright and librettist Jerre Dye. 

Cocktails, Concerts and Conversations #1, June 29
Featuring Guest Artist Caitlin Lynch, Young Artists Celeste Godin and Michael Miller, and Props Master & Scenic Artist Theresa Pierce.

Cocktails, Concerts and Conversations #2, July 6
Featuring Guest Artist Raehann Bryce-Davis, Young Artists Yazid Gray, Nicole Heinen and Max Potter, and Costume Supervisor B.G. FitzGerald.

Cocktails, Concerts and Conversations #3, July 13
Featuring Guest Artist Jacqueline Horner-Kwiatek, Young Artists Kelly Guerra and Hilary Grace Taylor, and Music Administrator and Chorus Master Carol Rausch.

Cocktails, Concerts and Conversations #4, July 20
Featuring Guest Artist Alan Held, Young Artists Zachary Barba and James Eder, and Wig and Makeup Supervisor Martha Ruskai.

Cocktails, Concerts and Conversations #5, July 27
Featuring Guest Artist Wendy Bryn Harmer, Young Artists Samina Aslam and Shafali Jalota, and assistant directors Diane Machin and Cassandra Lovering.

Coming soon:
Cocktails, Concerts and Conversations #6, August 3
(Join the live event on Monday 8/3 at 5pm, or watch on demand following the live event)


Chautauqua Opera Song Cycle

A World Premiere Song Cycle for Chautauqua Opera 2020: Over four days in early June, composer Frances Pollock and playwright and librettist Jerre Dye interviewed each of this season’s 2020 Chautauqua Opera Young Artists. Together they investigated the emotional and professional impact of the COVID-19 crisis, the isolation it has created for so many people around the world, and other current events. Drawing from and inspired by these interviews, Pollock and Dye created one a cappella song for each Young Artist. The resulting song cycle will be a work which responds immediately to this unique moment in the world.

Full Playlist (Updated each Monday evening)

About the song cycle: A conversation with Steven Osgood, composer Frances Pollock and librettist Jerre Dye

"Games on Saturday" - Celeste Godin, soprano

"Beautiful. Anonymous." - Michael Miller, baritone

"Waiting For the Song" - Max Potter, mezzo-soprano

"Glass Half Empty. Glass Half Full." - Nicole Heinen, soprano

"This is Not the End" - Yazid Gray, baritone

"I Moved Here During All of This" - Kelly Guerra, mezzo-soprano

"I'm Very Much a Texas Girl" - Hilary Grace Taylor, mezzo-soprano

"The Quintessential Laid Back Bass" - James Eder, bass

"Soul's Serenade" - Zachary Barba, tenor

"There's Nothing I Can Do About It" - Samina Aslam, soprano

"Chase Every Cloud" - Shafali Jalota, soprano

Coming Soon:

"I'd Been Closed Off For So Long" - Eric Botto, tenor (released on Monday 8/3)

"Silence Speaks" - Jared V. Esguerra, tenor (released on Monday 8/3)


Opera Invasions

Our fifth season of Opera Invasions has gone Virtual! With Young Artists spread across the country this summer, the company put a new socially distanced twist on some of our most popular Opera Invasions, bringing audiences a look at the lives and locations of the 2020 Young Artists as they (safely) invade their hometowns.

Opera Invasion #1: Ballads on Balconies - Virtual Tour Package A
Featuring Young Artists Samina Aslam, John David Nevergall, Jared V. Esguerra, and Michael Colman.

Opera Invasion #1: Ballads on Balconies - Virtual Tour Package B
Featuring Young Artists Celeste Godin, Zachary Barba, Hilary Grace Taylor, Chasiti Lashay, Michael Miller.

Opera Invasion #1: Ballads on Balconies - Virtual Tour Package C
Featuring Young Artists Aaren Rivard, Shafali Jalota, Yazid Gray, Daniela Magura, Kelly Guerra, James Eder.

Opera Invasion #1: Ballads on Balconies - Virtual Tour Package D
Featuring Young Artists Eric Botto, Wan Zhao, Nicole Heinen, Max Potter, Jake Skipworth.

Opera Invasion #2: Opera Open Book

Coming soon:
Opera Invasion #3: Miller Bell Tower Sing-along
(Join the watch party live on Friday 8/7 at 10am, or watch on demand following the live event) 


Master Classes

Each week of our nine-week Virtual Young Artist Program, we've invited a Guest Artist to join the company for the week and to serve as a mentor and teacher for our Young Artists. Each week, we hold a master class where the weekly Guest Artist works with 4-5 of the Young Artists on an aria of their choice. Click on the individual Young Artist names below to view their section of the master class.

Week 1 Master Class
Led by Caitlin Lynch, working with Celeste GodinMichael MillerShafali Jalota, and Michael Colman.

Week 2 Master Class
Led by Raehann Bryce-Davis, working with Yazid GrayChasiti LashayNicole HeinenMax Potter, and Daniela Magura.

Week 3 Master Class
Led by Jacqueline Horner-Kwiatek, working with Hilary Grace TaylorKelly GuerraMichael MillerCeleste Godin, and Jared V. Esguerra.

Week 4 Master Class
Led by Alan Held, working with James EderZachary BarbaHilary Grace TaylorJake Skipworth, and Aaren Rivard.

Week 5 Master Class 
Led by Wendy Bryn Harmer, working with Samina Aslam, Shafali Jalota, Celeste Godin, and Michael Miller.

Coming soon:
Week 6 Master Class
Led by Chauncey Packer, working with Eric Botto, Jared V. Esguerra, John David Nevergall, Chasiti Lashay and Nicole Heinen.
(Join the watch party live on Wednesday 8/5 at 10am, or watch on demand following the live event)


Behind-the-Scenes Series

It truly takes a village to put on an opera, and there are many members of any opera team whose work happens out of the audience’s sight. Each week of the 2020 season, Chautauqua Opera is hosting a live conversation with a different production department to introduce these artists and share some of the magic that goes into making live performance happen.

Behind-the-Scenes, Episode 1 (Topic: Props)
Featuring Props Master and Scenic Artist Therersa Pierce 

Behind-the-Scenes, Episode 2 (Topic: Costumes) 
Featuring Costume artists B.G. FitzGerald, Cristine A. Patrick, Loribeth Collins, Morgan Fuller, and Larissa McConnell.

Behind-the-Scenes, Episode 3 (Topic: Music Preparation) 
Featuring Chautauqua Opera Music Staff members Carol Rausch, Miriam Charney, Rick Hoffenberg, Dorothy Randall, Kristin Roach, Emily Jarrell Urbanek,and Allison Voth, and Composer-in-Residence Frances Pollock. 

Behind-the-Scenes, Episode 4 (Topic: Wigs & Makeup) 
Featuring Wig and Makeup artists Martha Ruskai and Mark A. Boley

Behind-the-Scenes, Episode 5 (Topic: Stage Directing) 
Featuring Stage Directors Keturah Stickann, Sarah Ina Meyers, Diane Machin, and Cassandra Lovering. 

Behind-the-Scenes, Episode 6 (Topic: Stage Management) 
Featuring Valerie Wheeler, Emily Barber, Kendra Green, Emilia Covault, and Adam Fulmer.

Behind-the-Scenes, Episode 7 (Topic: Video & Projections)
Featuring Michael Baumgarten and Jay Lesenger.

Coming soon:
Behind-the-Scenes, Episode 8 (Topic: Technical Direction)
Featuring J.P. Woodey
(Join the live discussion on Thursday 8/6 at 12pm, or watch on demand following the live event) 


Virtual Sing-In Events

Introducing our twenty 2020 Young Artists, with brief interviews and an aria of their choice.

Virtual Sing-In, Part 1, June 24
Featuring Young Artists Michael Colman, Samina Aslam, Nicole Heinen, Michael Miller, Eric Botto, and Shafali Jalota.

Virtual Sing-In, Part 2, June 25
Featuring Young Artists Kelly Guerra, John David Nevergall, Yazid Gray, Wan Zhao, James Eder, Jake Skipworth, and Daniela Magura.

Virtual Sing-In, Part 3, June 26
Featuring Young Artists Celeste Godin, Zachary Barba, Max Potter, Aaren Rivard, Hilary Grace Taylor, Jared V. Esguerra, and Chasiti Lashay.