Opera Invasion Grand Finale

The event plan: Each Young Artist will start at a different place on the grounds at 7:15pm, singing opera at the top of their lungs. As they walk toward Bestor Plaza, they will meet up with some of their fellow artists to form duets, trios, and quartets. Four groups will then arrive in Bestor Plaza at 7:30pm, where Steven Osgood will lead the artists and community in a sing-a-long from 7:30-8:00pm.

There are several ways you can enjoy the Opera Invasion Grand Finale!

You could pick your favorite Young Artist to follow from their starting point all the way to Bestor Plaza.

You could wait at a convergence point and follow the duet or quartet from that point.

Or you could wait at Bestor Plaza for all of the artists to converge at 7:30pm.


See the map below for all of the artists' routes. Scroll down for a detailed list of starting and convergence points.



Starting points (7:15pm)
Group 1 (Green)
James - Park, north of Sharpe Field - Q,6
Yazid - Wythe & Waugh - M,7
Antona - Root, south of Pratt - I,5

Group 2 (Purple)
Michael - Whittier, by the Arboretum - R,8
Cristina María - Bryant, far East hill - T,7
Jordan - South Lake, by the tennis courts - S,6
Quinn - Lenna Hall - H,8

Group 3 (Orange)
Sidney - near Pendergast playground & the Dog Park - D,9
Natalie - Andrews & McClintock - H,5
Kaitlyn - Root & Wythe, behind Bratton Theater - I,6
Scott - The Bell Tower - L,1

Group 4 (Brown)
Timothi - Harper st - C,9
Lindsey - near the Elm gate - B,8
Brian - Elm st, close to the lake - B,6
Gabrielle - North Lake Drive & Evergreen - D,5
Seunghee - Simpson & Bowman - M,4

Convergence points (Approximately 7:20-7:25pm)
Group 1 (Green)
South Lake Drive & Bowman (N,3) - Antona & James
Miller Park (L,3) - All

Group 2 (Purple)
Massey & Janes (M,8) - Quinn & Michael
Wythe & South (P,7) - Jordan & Cristina María
Lincoln Park (Whythe & Palestine, M,7) - All

Group 3 (Orange)
Lenna Hall (H,8) - Sidney & Natalie
Clark Brick walk, near the Colonnade (K,5) - Scott & Kaitlyn
Vincent Brick walk & Palestine (K,7) - All

Group (Brown)
Pratt & Evergreen (D,6) - Brian & Lindsey
Hedding & Palestine (F,7) - Timothi & Gabrielle
Pratt & Hurst (H,6) -All


Grand Finale (7:30-8:00pm)
A sing-a-long in Bestor Plaza