Chautauqua Institution strives to continuously preserve and represent our legacy of incredibly beautiful natural and built environments on our grounds. This requires substantial attention by many professional gardeners, groundskeepers, and dedicated workers.

In normal years, we have been fortunate to have a large number of trained seasonal personnel, as well as time, to prepare our natural and built treasures to be in full bloom and on display for our annual opening days. Unfortunately, 2020 has been a year of difficulties due to COVID-19 and wintry weather that stretched into May. Budget constraints caused by the effects of COVID-19 have required us to substantially limit the number of seasonal staff to attend to all of the beautiful environments that we hold so dear. We have focused our initial attention on high-visibility areas and we have changed some of the plantings that we normally use to products with much lower maintenance and watering needs. Our crews will provide attention to all Institution gardens as summer progresses, though later and less frequently than normal. Annual tree plantings will be delayed until fall, though we will address any immediate tree maintenance issues for safety. We will also limit mowing frequency, and eliminate some areas of mowing where possible. 

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