One of the many ways the generosity of Chautauquans has emerged in this time is through offers to teach a free class or offer a service on the grounds for those who are here. Unfortunately, most facilities on the grounds will be closed for the summer and we will not be able to offer space to community members for programming or gathering in them. This is because we do not have the staff and materials available to keep those venues safely cleaned and monitored if they are in use this summer.

To the extent it is allowable to gather with those other than family, we ask that anyone who wishes to gather on open Institution property (i.e. Miller Park, Bestor Plaza) do so with safety in mind and in compliance with whatever county and state guidance or orders are in place at the time about gathering size, social distancing, activity type, etc. We sincerely regret that Institution staff cannot advertise, staff or support the organization of these informal gatherings as attention will be focused on creating a safe and welcoming environment on the grounds and delivering on the online experience. We are grateful for and heartened by these very kind offers of support.

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