Update 10/22/20: Regular fall/winter/spring parking procedures are in place. Specific points to note include:

  • Do not block streets. If it is necessary to block a road for construction purposes, the Campus Planning and Operations Office must grant permission with at least 24 hours' notice (among other reasons for this procedure, Chautauqua Police and Fire departments must be notified so alternate emergency routes can be planned).
  • Do not park on grassy areas.
  • On-street parking is on one side of the road ONLY. When parking on a street where vehicles are already parked on one side, you must also park on that side.
  • The no-parking zone on Ames near Pratt is in effect year-round, to assist emergency vehicles in making a tight turn. 
  • Do not block intersections or stop signs. 
  • Do not park on sidewalks.
  • There is to be no overnight parking in Bestor Plaza parking areas.
  • There is no parking allowed in the loading area of the Amp.
  • South Lot, North Lot and Main Lot are available for parking unless inaccessible due to snow accumulation.

Previous Updates

Update 9/28/20: Regular fall/winter/spring parking procedures have resumed. Visitors and guests are still encouraged to make use of free parking in the Main Lot to limit the volume of vehicle and construction traffic on the grounds. All roads must be passable at all times.

Update May 2020: There will be no change in parking regulations during the 2020 summer as compared to past seasons. On-grounds parking — including private property, white-stake, South Lot and North Lot spots — will be by permit only. No-charge parking permits should be secured along with your long-term ticket order.  

Those without on-grounds parking permits should park in the Main Lot and enter the grounds as pedestrians. There will be no charge to park in the Main Lot, and the lot will not be staffed. 

45-minute hangtags will be available at the Main Gate auto entrance — these are meant for deliveries and pickups and to assist those who would have difficulty traversing the grounds from the Main Lot. Hangtag time limits will be strictly enforced. 

The usual summertime street closures will continue as normal.

For those who are able, we ask that you consider donating the normal cost of a parking pass to help sustain Chautauqua through this crisis and will provide the opportunity to do so as you place your orders. 

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