After careful thought and polling of contractors to determine the status of currently approved projects with active Compliance Certificates, the Institution has determined that most current projects will be in good position to pause construction by noon on June 26, 2020, until the end of our normal summer season, resuming construction on Aug. 31, 2020, as required by our Architectural and Land Use (ALU) Regulations.

There are a few projects that will not be habitable by this date, in part due to COVID-19. Projects that require a few minor adjustments to make the house habitable may be considered for a brief extension beyond June 26 on a case-by-case basis. The contractor and/or property owner must make a formal request and provide a detailed list of work items that are necessary to make the project habitable, along with a brief, strict timeline extension request for the Administrator of ALU Regulations to review and consider. As the Institution seeks to provide a peaceful, pleasant and safe environment for the residents and guests who have chosen to spend all or part of their summer on the grounds, any projects granted an extension will be required to abide by strict limitations on access to the grounds, vehicle use, equipment use, noise and disruptions, as well as work schedules and overall timeframe for achieving habitable status.

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