Update 9/18/20: To help accommodate residents who are staying at Chautauqua longer than usual, we have left Chautauqua Institution community docks in the lake a little longer than normal, but due to lower lake water levels expected in late September, Chautauqua Institution dock removals will begin to occur on or about September 25. Boat owners should make appropriate accommodations for boats and arrange to have lifts removed prior to September 25, 2020. Central Dock will remain in place for a short time after the other docks are removed and boaters are welcome to request a space in Central Dock for a short period of time if needed. To request a space, please contact Jennifer Majewski at 716-357-6245 or via e-mail at jmajewski@chq.org.

Previous Update: The Institution will install, open and monitor its public docks this summer. Regular fees apply. Slips are assigned through the Central Dock Office at docks@chq.org or 716-357-6245. Gas will be sold at Central Dock. However, there will be no parking at the docks and no access to the grounds from the docks, except for slip lessees. 


Chautauqua Institution offers rental slip, ramp and buoy mooring in an assigned space. Patrons who moor vessels at an Institution or private dock are required to purchase and display a current registration sticker.

Slip or ramp assignments for Institution-owned docks are subject to a registration fee and a mooring fee and are billed separately on receipt.

    • Mooring Renewals: Must have been purchased before March 16 to have reserved the prior season assignment.
    • Mooring Reassignment: Requests made by March 16 will be notified of reassignment in late May.
    • New Mooring: Assigned only through the Central Dock Office. Starting June 1, contact the office at docks@chq.org or 716-357-6245.

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