webverticalKellyClarkeKelly Clarke, Mezzo-Soprano

Studio Artist


Hometown: Greenville, South Carolina

Website: Kellyclarkemezzo.com


We challenged Kelly to a 30-second interview. Here is what she told us:
Q: What is your favorite opera?
A: Don Carlos by Verdi
Q: Who are your favorite singers?
A: Tatiana Troyanos, Elina Garanca, Elena Obraztsova
Q: What are your dream roles?
A: Charlotte in Werther, Octavian in Der Rosenkavalier, Carmen in Carmen
Q: What was your favorite singing experience so far or your favorite role that you have performed?
A: My favorite role was Carmen. Learning how to do flamenco dance moves and play the castanets was super exciting. Also, having so many men in love with you at once has to be a fun experience for any one, no matter how deadly it may be.
My favorite singing experience was when I used to volunteer for Triune Mercy Center, a church whose mission was to provide food and housing as well as ministry and support for the homeless population in my hometown of Greenville, South Carolina. Through singing, I was able to speak to a greater cause and comfort those who were in deep distress.  The experience of seeing how affected people were by music and the sense of peace just a simple performance could give them made me decide to begin my journey to become a professional musician.
Q: What do you love about opera?
A:I love how it combines so many art forms while still presenting itself as one entity, and its ability to encompass a range of cultures and topics while still remaining universal. Also, the dresses, the wigs and of course the high notes.
Q: What is your favorite flavor of icecream?
A:Mint Chocolate Chip
Q: What else should we know?
A: I love exploring and learning new things…I recently began horseback riding and am taking Mandarin classes.