WebKasiaBorowiecKasia Borowiec, Soprano

Studio Artist


Hometown: Summit, New Jersey

Twitter: @oshkashohmygosh


We challenged Kasia to a 30-second interview. Here is what she told us:
Q: What is your favorite opera?
A:Eugene Onegin is my favorite opera, and I couldn't be more excited to be a part of the production at Chautauqua Opera this summer!
Q: Who are your favorite singers?
A: I could listen to Renata Tebaldi, Renata Scotto, and Mirella Freni all day.  I'm also a sucker for Ghedda and Lawrence Brownlee.
Q: What are your dream roles?
A: I would love to sing any/all Britten--the Governess, Ellen Orford, Lady Billows. I also dream of singing lots and lots of Strauss.
Q: What was your favorite singing experience so far or your favorite role that you have performed?
A: I loved studying and singing Marguerite in Faust. I had a whole year to prepare the role (thanks to the luxury of being in school) so I not only learned my own part inside and out but also knew everyone else's as well. I look forward to knowing all the roles in my rep like that someday!
Q: What do you love about opera?
A: I love how opera brings beauty to our world. Combining all of the art forms to make one giant masterpiece, it allows us to escape and to think and to enjoy.
Q: What is your favorite flavor of icecream?
A: Cookie monster from Hoffman's Ice Cream "down the shore" (I'm a Jersey girl born and bred). It's an amazing mix of Cookies 'n cream and cookie dough, and although it happens to be blue, it is the most delicious flavor that ever existed.
Q: What else should we know?
A: My real name is Katherine, but I go by the Polish version of Katie, “Kasia”