golf chq 061715 0125The Director of Instruction at The Learning Center is David Wedzik and he currently works with players from the beginner level all the way to players on the largest tours throughout the world. David is a former Tour member and the 2013 and 2015 WNYPGA Section Teacher of the Year (one of only four others to win this award multiple times). He is the creator of the 5 Simple Keys® Learning System (currently the DVD is the number one selling golf DVD on the market). He is also, along with Erik J. Barzeski, the author of the book many have called “the best golf book ever written”, Lowest Score Wins®. Erik is the Director of Instructor Development for the 5 Simple Keys® system and will be joining Dave as the Head Instructor at the Learning Center.

They will both be available for individual lessons (including the use of high-speed video analysis w/ Analyzr Pro, FlightScope launch monitor, and SAM PuttLab) as well as a series of clinics and longer golf “camps” designed to serve golfers of all ages and skill levels.

Dave and Erik are both AimPoint™ Certified and the Learning Center will, for the first time, offer AimPoint green reading clinics as well. We are extremely excited to have them both as part of the Golf and Learning Center.