If you have questions that are not answered below, please email kschiavone@chq.org or stoth@chq.org or review the Coach Handbook.


Coaches and Teams

Coaches and Teams

Who can be a coach?

Any adult over 18 years of age, such as a parent, volunteer, older sibling, scout leader, or teacher may be a coach. An individual may only coach one team. A team may opt to have an assistant coach as a stand-in, in case the coach is unable to perform their mentoring duties the night of the battle. Both the primary and assistant coach may participate in the opening processional; however, only one coach is allowed on the floor with the team. Without an adult coach on the floor, the team will be disqualified. Following the processional, the assistant coach must move off the floor and sit in the stands. The coach or another designated adult MUST attend ONE of the mandatory coaches meetings held in December prior to the event. The coach or other designated adult must also attend ONE of the Battle’s logistics meetings in the spring.

Who can participate?

Teams of Chautauqua County fifth-graders who attend the same school.

What constitutes a team?

A team is comprised of five students and an adult coach (at least 18 years old). When registering, the online form requires the registration of five students and will not be accepted with less than five initial team members. If a team loses a member before the actual Battle, remaining members may still participate; however, teams must have at least three members to participate on the day of the Battle.

Will special accommodations be made for visually challenged team members?

If any type of special accommodations are needed, let us know by March 23, 2020. During the Battle all questions are spoken. If a team member has trouble writing the answer within the allotted 30 seconds, another team member may write the answer.

My notes from the initial coaches meeting and the logistics meeting show that we need to check in at 12 p.m. However, I just noticed that the materials say 1:45 p.m. for the check-in deadline for the students. Please confirm?

Check-in begins for coaches at 12 p.m.; student check-in begins at 1 p.m. (If students arrive with coach, they can check in at 12 p.m.) The deadline for students is 1:45 p.m. Anyone who arrives after 1:45 p.m. becomes an audience member and cannot participate. As long as a team has at least three registered team members by 1:45 p.m., the team will participate.