Electric mobility scooters are a good option for navigating the grounds for guests with mobility challenges. Scooter operators and owners are expected to obey all vehicle traffic signs, signals, and regulations as well as the Electric Mobility Scooter Policy.

  • Scooters must be operated safely and at a speed no greater than is reasonable and prudent for conditions, including pedestrian traffic.
  • Pedestrian areas should be avoided if possible.
  • Scooters shall yield the right-of-way to pedestrians and bicycles.
  • No more than one person on a scooter at a time.
  • Able-bodied minors are not permitted to operate a scooter.

Safety flags are available for purchase at Bike Rent on Massey Avenue; the staff can attach it to your scooter.

Facility and Venue Access: Many Chautauqua Institution buildings are accessible. Visit chq.org/accessibility for detailed information. When traveling in facilities and venues, mobility scooters should follow the flow of pedestrian traffic. Mobility scooters cannot be stored inside Chautauqua Institution’s buildings except for guests staying at the Athenaeum Hotel.

Mobility Scooter Parking: Mobility scooters cannot park in a way that obstructs pedestrian walks or entrances and exits to buildings. Mobility scooters cannot be parked in vehicle parking spaces in unreserved parking lots.

Charging: Mobility scooter operators and owners are responsible for ensuring scooter charging is available. There is a limited number of charging stations available for rent near the Market Gate on Massey Avenue. Contact the Ticket Office for details.

This policy applies to all scooter operators and owners. Operating a mobility scooter on the grounds indicates the operator or owner agrees to comply with the Chautauqua Institution Electronic Mobility Scooter Policy. Chautauqua reserves the right to revoke the operator’s/owner’s privilege to operate a mobility scooter at Chautauqua Institution if the operator/owner violates Chautauqua Institution rules, regulations and ordinances.

Personal Electric Mobility Scooter Policy

Chautauqua Institution recommends registration of privately owned electric mobility scooters. The registration assists in an emergency, provides Chautauqua Institution staff with a way to reach out to the owner if needed and provides us with information about mobility scooter usage. There is no charge for registration or for the sticker. The sticker is attached to the right rear fender. Registration is only required once; stickers never expire. Registration is done through the Ticket Office.

Only electric powered mobility scooters which meet the following conditions are allowed:

  1. Mobility scooter must be in good, safe operating condition and shall have a bell or a horn (or other signaling device), a rear reflector, and a headlight.
  2. Mobility scooter must have 3 or 4 wheels and the wheels must be 10” or smaller in diameter (diameter includes tire and rim).
  3. The overall width must be no more than 25” and the overall length must be no more than 50”.
  4. Only one-seated mobility scooters are allowed and only one person may ride/operate the mobility scooter at a time.
  5. The mobility scooter must not exceed 6 miles per hour in speed. If the motorized vehicle is capable of exceeding 6 miles per hour, it does not qualify as a mobility scooter under this policy.
  6. Mobility scooter should have handlebars for steering.

These rules may be adjusted at any time. No previous registration shall be grandfathered into new policy versions.

Electric Mobility Scooter Rentals

Electric mobility scooter rentals (and wheelchairs) are offered during the nine-week summer assembly season. A credit card deposit is required; there is a non-refundable deposit for cancellations within two weeks of the rental start date. If available, rentals for less than one week are arranged in person on the day of the rental at the Main Gate Welcome Center Information Office. Quantity is limited and reservations are recommended. For pricing and reservation information visit chq.org/accessibility or contact the Ticket Office.