Week One Theme :: Invention | Interfaith Lecture Theme :: Inventing God? A Brief History of Religion

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Invention is a way to pinpoint what we value, and we look to men and women throughout history, around the world, who challenged the status quo by what they thought, saw and created. As we celebrate the evolution of humanity, we explore what’s next and how we’ll achieve it. 

  • What are the conditions — within society and within ourselves — that make invention possible? 
  • Are we in the last age of American invention? 
  • What do we need for humanity’s next “giant leap” in our lifetime? 
  • Are there ethical and legal limits to be placed on human curiosity? 

Interfaith Theme Description

The search for meaning and imagining the Source of Life are among the hallmarks of being human.  Calling this Source by many names in different ages and among all peoples has inspired ever-evolving ways of knowing and experiencing It, including looking within ourselves.  In this week we will consider both the traditional and the newer ways that the religious imagination has conceptualized our experience of the Holy.