Richard Russo, CLSC Author, Everybody's Fool

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Location Hall of Philosophy

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When Doug Raymer falls into an open grave during a funeral service, it is only the first of many farcical and grisly incidents in Richard Russo's shaggy dog story of revenge and redemption. More than 23 years after Nobody’s Fool, Russo takes readers back to North Bath, New York in his latest, Everybody’s Fool. 

Self-conscious, self-deprecating, and convinced he's everybody's fool, Raymer is obsessed with finding the man his late wife was about to run off with when she fell down the stairs and died. Meanwhile, he pursues an old feud with Sully, who in the intervening years has come by some unexpected good fortune but is staring down a VA cardiologist’s estimate that he has only a year or two left. It’s hard work trying to keep this news from the most important people in his life: Ruth, the married woman he carried on with for years; the ultra-hapless Rub Squeers, who worries that he and Sully aren’t still best friends; Sully’s son and grandson, for whom he was mostly an absentee figure (and now a regretful one).

Everybody’s Fool is classic Russo, filled with humor, heart, hard times, and people you can’t help but love, possibly because their various faults make them so human.

Richard Russo is the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Empire Falls, and of 10 other books, including a collection of stories and a memoir. In addition to his work as a novelist, Russo is also a screenwriter, whose filmography credits include an HBO adaptation of Empire Falls, the 2005 films “The Ice Harvest” and “Keeping Mum,” in addition to the 1994 adaptation of Nobody’s Fool. Russo has earned a bachelor’s degree, a Master of Fine Arts and a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Arizona.