Rev. Elaine D. Thomas, M.S.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Location Hall of Philosophy

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Rev. Elaine D. Thomas, M.S. has worked in the metaphysical field for 49 years as a medium, healer, spiritual counselor, and teacher, primarily at the Lily Dale Assembly in Western New York, founded in 1879, the world's original and largest Center for the Religion of Spiritualism.

Elaine was a student of Rev. Edith Sandy Wendling, renowned medium and teacher, who herself was a student of Sir Arthur and Lady Conan Doyle.  Elaine received training that was rich in the traditions of Spiritualism’s foremost early thinkers. Ordained in 1974, as a Spiritualist minister, her commitment as a student of spiritual truth is an ongoing process.  In 1988, Elaine co-founded and became co-director of the School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy in Cassadaga, NY, located next to Lily Dale.

In 1975, Elaine completed her undergraduate program in education at the University of Buffalo.  Her seven years of teaching as a Reading Specialist in public schools gave Elaine experience in developing creative educational strategies, based upon the individual needs and abilities of her students. This led her to create an educational environment where students of all ages could again become aware of their spiritual gifts and how to use them every day for themselves and others.

In 1981, Elaine completed her Master’s degree in counseling at Canisius College, in Buffalo, NY.  She focused her studies on grief counseling, and her personal experience with the transformative gifts that mediumship and spiritual healing can bring to all.

Elaine has been a guest on TV and radio, including the Oprah Network’s Beyond Belief and the HBO movie No One Dies in Lily Dale.