Week Two Theme :: American Identity | Interfaith Lecture Theme :: Religion and American Identity

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Who are we as Americans? Everyone has their own definition of the American identity, and most agree it’s being lost. A recent poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that 71 percent of Americans feel the United States is losing its national identity — that is, the beliefs and values the country represents. During this week, we reach across the aisles of both politics and faith. We examine how we’ve defined American identity throughout our history and the stories we’ve told to shape that identity; the political, economic and social factors that shape our contemporary definitions; and what these different national identities — at times in conflict with one another — mean for our democracy and the prosperity of all Americans. We’ll consider whether a new foundation of American identity is necessary — or even possible.


Interfaith Lecture Theme :: Religion and American Identity

Religion has played a significant role in the evolution of an America identity. This week we will examine the role that religion has played in the development of that identity. Why is it that America continues to be the most religious nation in the developed world? How have various “moments” in American religious history shaped how America understands itself? We will begin with current data that will help us to know better who we have become, and who we are becoming.