Are the grounds and venues accessible?

Information regarding accessibility features, policies and recommendations can be found here. The Map of the Grounds provides a summary of the accessible buildings and venues including building and restroom acessibility. 

Here is information for the most frequently asked questions:

  • The Welcome Center GPS address is: 1 Massey Avenue, Chautauqua, NY. Accessible parking (for 30 minutes) is available in the Main Gate Welcome Center lot. 

During the nine-week summer assembly season: 

  • The primary parking lot is called the Main Lot. It is located across the street from the Welcome Center at the signal light, follow the signs for Main Lot parking. Accessible parking in the Main Lot is located near the front of the parking lot. A valid state-issued accessible parking permit is required, and standard parking rates apply. Complimentary shuttle buses to the Welcome Center are available.  

  • The Ticket Office, including Will Call, is in the Welcome Center. All guests entering the grounds are required to present a valid gate pass. Guest with Main Lot parking can obtain a 45-minute pass at any gate to unload or load the content of the vehicle at their accommodations.  

  • Electric scooters and wheelchairs are available for rent. Quantities are limited and on a first-come basis. We recommend making advanced reservations for weekly rentals. Daily rentals are available on the day of use.  
    Electric Scooter and Wheelchair Information

  • For more information, please contact the Ticket Office at (716) 357-6250 or email


Non-Authorized Ticket Purchases

Tickets to events at the Chautauqua Institution including single tickets to events in the Chautauqua Amphitheater must be purchased through the Chautauqua Institution Ticket Office or authorized local vendor Wegmans in Lakewood, New York, and Erie, Pennsylvania.

Scalpers and ticket brokers are not recognized ticketing agents of Chautauqua Institution. If you purchase from a non-authorized person or ticket broker, you risk purchasing an invalid, lost or stolen ticket that is not valid for admittance into Chautauqua Institution for the event in question. Chautauqua Institution employs scanning technology for admittance to events.

Only valid tickets will scan to authorize entry into the Amphitheater for an event. Invalid, lost or stolen tickets will be deactivated and thus will not be valid for entry into the Amphitheater for the event in question. Anyone who purchases tickets from a scalper or ticket broker does so at their own risk. We urge everyone to purchase tickets at the Chautauqua Institution Ticket Office or at authorized vendors.

Ticket Refund Policy

Long-term tickets will be refunded to the original form of payment until the start of the season ($10 service fee applies). No refunds will be processed after this date.

Ticket Replacement Policy

Any ticket that is lost, stolen or misplaced will be replaced for a non-refundable fee.

  • Gate, parking: $10 fee
  • Single opera and theater tickets: $2 per ticket
  • Single tickets (i.e. day, evening) are non-refundable and non-replaceable.
  • Theater and opera tickets will be refunded ONLY with corresponding long-term ticket refund requests. A $10 service fee will be applied to all refunds.


Sold-out Amphitheater Event Policy

In accordance with with artist contracts, once an evening Amphitheater event is sold out, evening tickets are no longer available for purchase. Notification that an event is sold out will be posted to the calendar listing, transactional page at and accommodations home page.

Access to the grounds is available through these two options:

1. Guest with Overnight Accommodations (no access to the Amphitheater)
When an evening Amphitheater event is sold out, evening tickets (valid 4 p.m. to midnight) for the event cannot be purchased. To access the grounds, the guest may purchase the $55 Sold-out Event “No Amp” Gate Pass, which is valid from 4 p.m. on the day purchased to 10 a.m. the next day.
New in 2019: Guests with overnight accommodations who present at a ticket window on an evening when the Amphitheater event is sold out will not be able to purchase a gate pass with Amphitheater access.

2. To Attend the Sold-out Evening Event
Once an evening Amphitheater event is sold out, the only way to attend the show is to purchase the Sold-out Event Gate Pass. This is a long-term ticket with a minimum stay requirement. Contact the Ticket Office for details at 716-357-6250 or

Standing Room procedures may apply when an event is sold out.


Amphitheater Standing Room Policy and Procedures

A new ticket type was introduced in 2019 for events in the Amphitheater. For events we anticipate will be sold out or achieve near-capacity levels of attendance, a Standing Room ticket may be available for purchase. The availability of Standing Room tickets will vary by show. It is possible that Standing Room tickets could be sold to an event that has high attendance but is not sold out.

What is a Standing Room Ticket?

The Standing Room ticket grants ticketholders admission to the standing room space inside the Amphitheater gates. The tickets are sold at the same price as General Admission; guests holding Standing Room tickets will be admitted to the Amphitheater 15 minutes prior to show time (for example, at 8 p.m. for evening events with an 8:15 p.m. show time).

Standing Room Ticket Access to Amphitheater

Standing Room ticketholders will be asked to queue and enter through the Kanfer Family Gate (Gate 2) or the Mary and Oliver Langenberg Gate (Gate 3). These gates are at the western end of the Amphitheater (near Odland Plaza). Signage at the event and ushers will direct Standing Room ticketholders to the proper gates.

Standing Room Seating

Standing Room ticketholders may be seated in any open General Admission seat once they are admitted to the Amphitheater. Seats designated as ADA +1 companion seating may only be used by guests with disabilities and their companions. The standing room area is around the upper level of the Amphitheater. Personal chairs are permitted only at the western end. At some events, Chautauqua Institution will provide folding chairs; all guests are free to use these seats. When the choir loft area is open, folding chairs will also be set up and available to all guests. The choir loft is not open for all shows.

Step One:

CHQ 07312015 0276Finding accommodations should be your first priority when planning a visit to Chautauqua. Accommodations can fill up long before gate passes even go on sale in January.

All accommodations within the Institution’s grounds are privately owned except for the Athenaeum Hotel and Bellinger Hall dormitory.  

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Step Two:
Buy Tickets, Passes & Registration

0711 ushers7 AJM master

Tickets and passes go on sale begining in January.

To enter the Institution grounds, a gate pass is required for all visitors ages 13 to 90.  Your gate pass entitles you to attend most events on the grounds, including all lectures, religious services and all Amphitheater entertainment.

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Step Three:
Youth Registrations

070518 BoysandGirlsClubFeature AD 1Chautauqua’s programs for youth present a diversity of activity, in settings varied and historic.

Registration begins in January

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Step Four:
Register for a class

specialstudiesChautauqua’s Special Studies program continues to create distinct new learning opportunities for the 10,000 lifelong learners of all ages.

Registration begins in April.

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More to do:
Dining and Shopping

heirloom rp 08222014 0040View the dining options on and off the grounds, as well as the unique stores that complement Chautauqua Institution's offerings.

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More to do:
Buy Theater & Opera Tickets

072518 Candide DM 57If you chose to attend any theater or opera events during your stay, tickets must be purchased in addition to your gate pass.




Maps & Directions

062214 Molly MB58 MasterChautauqua is primarily a pedestrian community with very narrow streets. The use of automobiles on the grounds is tightly restricted.

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Group Tours and Road Scholar

DSC 0478Make your next group tour destination Chautauqua Institution located in Western New York.

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Chautauqua on a Budget

DSC 6694Chautauqua on a Budget, formerly known as the 55+ Residential Week, is a weeklong dormitory accommodation special that is only available during Weeks Eight and Nine.

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Before you arrive:

Bring groceries. Many of the rental properties have kitchens or kitchenettes. There are limited grocery options on the grounds.

Be prepared for our weather. Most days are warm. On cloudy days, the temperature can be more moderate, so be prepared with a light jacket, long pants and an umbrella to keep you dry! It's always a good idea to pack an extra sweater or a heavier jacket for the chillier evenings.

Chautauqua is casual. Bring plenty of casual clothes and active wear. Many visitors wear casual clothes during the day and may dress up in the evening for dinner or a performance.

Bring your bike. Bring your bike or rent one when you arrive at the Jamestown Cycle Shop Bike Rent on Massey Avenue. Don't forget comfortable walking shoes! Chautauqua Institution is a pedestrian and cycling community.

Bring a seat cushion and lawn chair. Seat cushions come in handy in our Amphitheater, which has festival-style seating. Seating in our Hall of Philosophy can fill up quickly and many people enjoy programs from the comfort of their lawn chair.

Pack a flashlight. Don't forget your flashlight. It comes in handy for an evening walk by the lake or heading home after your nightly ice cream cone at the Brick Walk Cafe.

When you arrive

Weekends are a busy time at our entrance gates as many people arrive and depart from their stays. Traffic can become delayed at our Main Gate entrance. Here are some tips for avoiding a delay:

  • If you already received your passes in the mail you can avoid the Main Gate and enter the gate nearest to your accommodations. Download our map of the grounds to find your entrance.
  • Are you are picking up your passes or purchasing them when you arrive? If we are holding your passes they will be waiting for you at our Main Gate Welcome Center Will Call window. Please pull into our Main Gate entrance and use the 30-minute parking adjacent to the Welcome Center to pick up your passes. You can also purchase your passes at the Welcome Center when you arrive.

Unpacking and parking

  • During their stay, most guests keep their vehicle in our Main Parking Lot across Route 394 from the grounds. When you enter the grounds, you will be issued a 45-minute drop-off pass. Head down to your accommodations so you can unpack your vehicle and load your groceries in the refrigerator. (Please be careful not to block the road for other traffic.)
  • When you finish unloading  you can drive up and park in our main parking, take the tram back to the grounds and catch the shuttle back to your accommodations. Make sure to bring your gate pass with you to re-enter the grounds.


What to do once you're settled in:
Pick up a copy of our newspaper. The Chautauquan Daily is available at Logan Hall and Chautauqua Bookstore, from boxes at the Main Gate Welcome Center, Amphitheater Gate 2 or from sellers around Bestor Plaza. Each issue provides a full events schedule, coverage of many programs and important contact information.

The Visitors Center welcomes you!
Where: Bestor Plaza • Sunday to Thursday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. |  Friday: 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. |  Saturday: 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Whether you’re new to Chautauqua or not, the Visitors Center will provide you with all of the information you need to make your Chautauqua experience the best it could possibly be. New Visitor Information Session Information orientation sessions are held for Chautauqua first-timers at 6 p.m. Sunday nights on the first floor of the Hultquist Center. Learn the ins and outs of this unique place!

2020 Rates and Fees

Daily Gate Pass Prices 

Sales begin April 1

Morning (7 a.m. to 2 p.m.) Price varies when designated as a Lecture Event. $29
Afternoon (Noon to 8 p.m.) $15
Evening (4 p.m. to 12 a.m.) * depending on the performance Varies by concert
Overnight (10 p.m. to 10 a.m. next day) $10
Morning/Afternoon (7 a.m. to 8 p.m.) $40
Afternoon/Evening (Noon to midnight) *depending on the performance
All Day (7 a.m. to midnight) *depending on the performance $89
All Day Plus (7 a.m. to 10 a.m. next day) 
All Day Plus — Youth (7 a.m. up to 10 a.m. next day) 
Single Weekend — Adult (Friday 4 p.m. to Monday 10 a.m.) $164

There is no gate fee on Sundays between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.


Amphitheater Events (Sales begin January 13; prices varies by event)

Amphitheater Events: Assigned seating areas on the Amphitheater floor will be marked for each event. Floor seats not marked as assigned will be available to General Admission (GA) ticket/gate pass holders on a first-come basis. Ushers will be available to assist you. We strongly encourage early arrival for our GA ticket/gate pass holders. Amphitheater gates typically open 60 minutes prior to event start. Depending on event popularity, a line may form even earlier. Remember that your ticket/gate pass grants early access to the Institution grounds. We invite patrons to take advantage of this added benefit. Before you arrive, please visit our website,, for information about parking, dining, shopping, programs and other activities covered by this ticket/gate pass.

We offer three types of Discount Coupon Books: Morning Gate Pass, Afternoon Gate Pass and Main Lot Parking Pass. Each book contains five coupon passes for the price of four. Sales begin April 1. Pricing for the Discount Coupon Book can be found below.


Discount Coupon Book 

Buy 4 gate passes, get 5 gate passes

Discount Coupon Book: Morning $116
Discount Coupon Book: Afternoon $60
Discount Coupon Book: Parking $40

Discount Coupon Books can only be purchased and redeemed in person at the Main Gate Welcome Center and Visitors Center ticket windows. The morning and afternoon coupons must be redeemed for a gate pass to access the grounds. The parking coupon can be redeemed at the Main Lot parking booth or at a ticket window. Coupons carry no cash value. Unused or partially used coupon books cannot be refunded or returned.


 Bus Tours (begin 6/28) $10
Scooter and Wheelchair Rentals
Reservations begin June 1; call the Ticket Office at 716.357.6250. Week Day
Scooter TBA TBA
Wheelchair TBA TBA
Season Gate Pass Prices
  Adult Season Weekend Youth ages 13 - 25
Through March 12, 2020 $2,379 $895 $369
March 13 to May 31, 2020 $2,553 $1,089 $369
Starting June 1, 2020 $4,842 $1,089 $369

*Season weekend valid 4 p.m. Friday until 10 a.m. Monday


Weekly Gate Pass Prices*
  Starting 1/13/20 Starting 6/1/20 Youth ages 13 - 25
8 weeks $2,189 $4,226 $365
7 weeks $2,059 $3,684 $360
6 weeks $1,915 $3,110 $355
5 weeks $1,725 $2,580 $350
4 weeks $1,475 $2,066 $339
3 weeks $1,175 $1,558 $325
2 weeks $899 $1,059 $299
1 week or 6 days $505 $565 $185
5 days $469 $485 $185
4 days $380 $385 $185
3 days $289 $295 $180
2 days $198 $198 $120
1 day (24 hours) $99 $99 $60


Parking Prices (per vehicle)
Duration Main Lot per car Private per car Institution Zoned per car
Season $219 $245 $475
8 weeks $210 $235 $449
7 weeks $208 $229 $435
6 weeks $190 $219 $399
5 weeks $180 $205 $385
4 weeks $169 $199 $349
3 weeks $149 $175 $319
2 weeks $125 $135 $289
1 week $65 $69 $259
Daily $10 $12 $55
Daily-Main Lot $15 *For selected concerts  

*Main Lot parking is purchased after 3 p.m. on day of concert 


North and South Lots
South Lot Spot $350 Assigned Parking
North Lot Spot $279 Unassigned Parking
Children's School Fees
Season $860
8 Weeks $820
7 Weeks $779
6 Weeks $725
5 Weeks $649
4 Weeks $555
3 Weeks $445
2 Weeks $335
1 Week $185 


Group One & Boys' and Girls' Club Fees
Quantity Group One Boys' and Girls' Club Club Plus
Season $929 $979 N/A
8 weeks $869 $935 N/A
7 weeks $809 $889 $1,239
6 weeks $745 $819 $1,119
5 weeks $679 $730 $980
4 weeks $589 $625 $825
3 weeks $479 $499 $649
2 weeks $349 $359 $459
1 week $209 $229 $279 


Chautauqua Opera, Norton Hall
Packs on sale 3/13/20; Singles on sale 4/1/20
Opera Main Stage Production $20-$55
Opera Chamber Production  $25
*Prior season patron pre-sale period: 1/8/19 - 1/31/19  


Chautauqua Opera, Norton Hall

Packs on sale 3/13/20; Singles on sale 4/1/20

Opera 2 Pack Chamber Opera, Main Stage and Amphitheater $85-105 TBA
Opera 3 Pack Main Stage/Norton, Chamber Opera/Norton and Main Stage Amphitheater $135 TBA


Chautauqua Theater Company
Bratton Theater Main Stage Production: Sunday $42.50
Bratton Theater Main Stage Production: Monday-Saturday $37.50
Theater New Play Workshop: All Performances $25
5 Pack - 2 MSP + 3 NPW - Save $11.50 $138.50
3 Pack - 2 MSP + 1 NPW - Save $5.50 $94.50
Golf Memberships
Season Membership
  Single w/ season gate pass $1,110
  Family w/ season gate pass $1,585
  College (age 18 - 23) $435
  Junior (age 17 & under) $290
  Additional Family Members $250
  Single Young Adult (age 24 - 40) $670
  Family Young Adult (age 24 - 40) $950
  One week/Individual  $160
  One week/Family $280
  Locker Only $65
  Club Storage Only $100
  Club Storage with Locker $150

*Family means parents plus children under age 18.

*Only available to Chautauqua Club Members.

*Only available to Chautauqua Club Members. For additional
family members ages 18-23, living at home and a full-time student.

*Membership must correspond with gate pass. Includes Learning Center privileges, locker and bag storage. Limit of 2 one week memberships per person.


Learning Center Memberships
May be purchased separately
  Individual $230
  Family $350
  Junior (17 & under) $165
  Day Pass $18
Tennis Memberships
Daily Court Fee $28/court hour
  Individual $420
  Couple $665
  Junior (17 & under) $230
  Individual $65
  Couple $95
  Junior (17 & under) $40
Season Weekend (Fri. 5 p.m. to Sun. 10 p.m.)
  Individual $165
  Couple $235
  Junior (17 & under) $95
  Individual $35
  Couple $50
  Junior $25
Chautauqua Health and Fitness Center (includes pool privileges)
Nine-week Summer Pass/Person  $165
One Month/Person $85
One Week/Person $40
Single Visit $12
*Season defined as any consecutive 9 week period.  


Chautauqua Health and Fitness: Pool only
Nine-week Summer Pass/Person  $75
One Month $40
One Week $15
Single Visit $6
*Season defined as any consecutive 9 week period   
Institution Dock Prices (Mooring and Boat Registration)
    Renewals through 3/13/20 New or Renewals 3/14/20
Season Ramp: Small Vessel $157 $165
Season Buoy: Small Vessel $148 $155
Season Buoy: Large Vessel $313 $330
Season Slip: Large Vessel $515 $540
Weekly Ramp: Small Vessel $81 $85
Weekly Buoy: Small Vessel $81 $85
Weekly Buoy: Large Vessel $123 $130
Weekly Slip: Large Vessel $148 $155
Private Dock Prices (Registration Fee Only)
  Through 3/13/20 Starting 3/14/20
Season Small Vessel $88 $95
Season Large Vessel $253 $270
Weekly Small Vessel $44 $45
Weekly Large Vessel $81 $85
Mooring Fee $380 $400
*Private dock mooring fee is billed by Operations department    

Daily visitors to Chautauqua park in the Main Lot located across the street from the Main Gate Welcome Center on Route 394. You may walk from the parking lot or take a complementary shuttle to the Main Gate Welcome Center to purchase your daily gate pass or event ticket.

Event tickets
Event tickets can be purchased at our Main Gate ticket office or in advance by phone, 716-357-6250 or online. Tickets sales begin in January. Your event ticket will admit you to the grounds.

Discounted event tickets
Each week there are Family Entertainment nights with a discounted single tickets for performances in the Amphitheater. The Family Entertainment Series also features free performances in Smith Wilkes Hall that appeal to family members of all ages. Children 12 and younger always receive free admission.

Sundays are Free
You do not need a gate pass to come to the grounds and attend services and events on Sunday. Parking is free until 2 p.m.

Education Wednesdays at Chautauqua
Education Day at Chautauqua offers current students, teachers and staff from Chautauqua County schools (K–12) a free gate pass (7 a.m. to midnight) on Wednesdays throughout the summer season. All a guest has to do is show a school/organization identification card to receive your free entry to the grounds, which includes access to all events at the Amphitheater.

Children's School + One Program
Enroll your child in Chautauqua Children’s School for the first time and enjoy each morning at Chautauqua for free. With enrollment, one adult per family is given five morning passes that are valid from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. A parent can enjoy a lecture or simply a lakeside walk. Pick up your children from Children’s School at noon and enjoy story time at the library, play time at Children’s Beach and lunch or ice cream on Bestor Plaza. For more information or to register, call 716-357-6250 or email


Buy entertainment tickets

062618 BlackViolin RR 1If you are coming for a single event, your event ticket will admit you to the grounds for the event. You do not need an additional gate pass. For an evening performance, you will have access to the grounds from 4 p.m. to midnight.

Ticket sales begin in January.

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Attend a lecture

080118 AvivahWittenbergCox RR 3Your gate pass will admit you to all lectures. The morning and interfaith lecture platforms are the bedrock of Chautauqua's programming. Many other lecture series also exist and support Chautauqua's weekly themes.

Sales begin in January.

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Fitness center

 CHQ3547During the summer, no gate pass is needed to access the fitness center from outside Chautauqua Institution.

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Youth programs registration

062718 ChildrensSchoolTeatime RR 1Chautauqua’s programs for youth present a diversity of activity, in settings varied and historic.

Your program registration will admit you to the grounds. You do not need an aditional gate pass.

Registration begins in January.

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Register for a class

specialstudiesWhatever educational experience you are seeking, Chautauqua’s Special Studies program continues to create distinct new learning opportunities for the 10,000 lifelong learners that enroll in courses each summer.

Your program registration will admit you to the grounds. You do not need an aditional gate pass.

Registration begins in January.

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Maps & directions

062214 Molly MB58 MasterChautauqua is primarily a pedestrian community with very narrow streets. The use of automobiles on the grounds is tightly restricted.

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Dining and Shopping

heirloom rp 08222014 0040View the dining options on and off the grounds, as well as the unique stores that complement Chautauqua Institution's offerings.

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