Residence hall assistant positions are available to students ages 21 and older who have had experience in college residence halls or in supervision of young people. If you would like an application, please download an application here or e-mail for further assistance.




If interested, please email a current resume and cover letter to Sarah Malinoski-Umberger.

  1. When rehearsal schedule is posted, prepare a separate set-up chart for each rehearsal (daily), and deliver to Lenna Crew by 6:00 p.m. on the previous day. Charts will include the exact placement of all chairs, stands, percussion and auxiliary instruments. Also include the conductor's podium, chairs and stands for soloists if needed and a resonator box if needed for soloists. Include any risers that will be used. Put date and time of the rehearsal on the chart and give to Lenna crew. Give charts for dress rehearsal and concert (including concert order) to Amp crew. The Amp crew will need separate set-up sheets for all the pieces. Be sure to include the placement of prominent auxiliary instruments such as piano and celeste.
  2. Following each rehearsal, check with Lenna crew for any assistance they may need that day in tearing down, or the next day in setting up.
  3. Assist Music Director in miscellaneous logistical needs
  4. At rehearsal intermission, give players 5 and 2 minute warnings prior to the resumption of rehearsal. At the amphitheater rehearsal, be sure to give the warnings on the back porch as well.

Always consider these potential needs:

Piano and its placement
Stand Lights
Chairs and Stands for soloist(s)
Props for opera
Podium for conductor
Resonator Box for soloist
Microphones for soloists

If interested, please contact Sarah Malinoski-Umberger.


MSFO CO-LIBRARIANS ($500) two positions available

Plan to arrive two days prior to the first rehearsal. The first rehearsal of the 2014 season is on Sunday, June 22. Plan to meet with the Head Librarian upon your arrival.

  1. As soon as instrumentation lists are posted, prepare all music in folders and make practice copies when instructed. Have the folders ready the day before the first rehearsal. You will need to set “summer” music library hours (a good time of day when one or both librarians can be present) for students to pick up or return music. Hours should be posted on the library door as well as at the School of Music Office and at Bellinger Hall Cafeteria.
  2. Keep track of all parts. All parts should be numbered so that a specific part is assigned to a specific player. Prepare a chart with each student's name and the part number. This will assist in locating parts if not returned. Have students initial next to their name when receiving and returning music. Inform them that they will be held financially accountable for the exact part given them. The cost of missing parts will be deducted from their security deposit.
  3. Collect music after each concert and return it to the Music Library. The day following the concert, sort and inventory music for return to the rental companies. If any parts are missing, immediately contact the student to whom it was assigned.

If interested, please contact Sarah Malinoski-Umberger.


USHERS ($300) 8 positions available to instrumental students only (due to program schedules).

Plan to arrive a couple of days prior to the start of the season for training. Each usher will be asked to work in the Amphitheater (CHQ’s main performing venue) one night each week. You will be asked to work a Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra concert (Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday) or a Friday evening for our Popular Entertainment series. The performances begin at 8:15 and you’ll need to be at the Amphitheater by 6:45 (T/Th/S) and 6:15 (F) in order to be ready for the venue to open at 7:15 (T/Th/S) and 7:00 (F).

This position reports to the head usher and schedules will be distributed at the beginning of the season.

If interested please send a cover letter and resume to Sarah Malinoski-Umberger.


College Credit

Students can receive undergraduate or graduate credit for their studies at the Chautauqua Music Festival. Credits are available by special arrangement with the State University of New York (SUNY) at Fredonia. This is at the prevailing cost of SUNY tuition, in addition to tuition, room and board costs at CHQ. Students must indicate their desire for college credit at initial registration.

  • Instrumental students can receive up to three credit hours for private instruction and chamber music ensemble participation.
  • Piano students can receive up to two credit hours for private instruction and piano literature.
  • Voice students can receive up to two credit hours for private instruction and participation in opera and musical theater workshops.