Chautauqua Institution Music Festival calendar and schedule


    After clicking the calendar link above, enter the username musicstudent, and the password beethoven (all lowercase for both)
    Navigate around the calendar using the aqua colored drop-down menu on the upper-left, and the month button on the upper right


The Chautauqua Institution offers two housing facilities, Bellinger Hall and Lincoln Dorm.  Lincoln Dorm is a girls only facility, and Bellinger Hall has a men only wing, two women only wings and one co-ed wing.  You may indicate your preference on your registration forms that you receive once admitted into the schools.

Residence hall assistant positions are available to students ages 21 and older who have had experience in college residence halls or in supervision of young people. If you would like an application, please download an application here or e-mail for further assistance.

The Chautauqua Connections Program seeks to enhance a student’s support system by linking the student with a CHQ individual or family. The experience is different for every student/sponsor, but Connections sponsors may provide occasional invitations to meals, use of a washing machine, a place to hang out, and your own special fan at recitals and concerts.