Financial Assistance 

VACI offers a low tuition rate relative to other national summer art programs. Even so, there are many artists who request assistance, and financial aid is competitive. Financial assistance from VACI comes in the form of tuition reduction coupled with a work/study requirement. All recipients are asked to work up to 10 hours per week at an assigned job. Artists who accept financial assistance and do not satisfactorily fulfill work/study obligations will be dismissed from the program with no refund. All students who receive full financial assistance are required to work the full 10 hours/week.

Financial assistance from VACI comes in the form of full tuition, half tuition and partial tuition, as well as some additional assistance which also covers housing. Additionally, there may be resident hall assistant positions which cover housing costs for mature students. Residence hall assistant positions are available to students 21 years and older who have had experience in college residence halls or in supervision of young people. 

Work/study assistance is made on the basis of a combination of financial need and artistic merit. Financial assistance outside of VACI’s resources in the form of home institutions and/or generous benefactors come with no work/study requirements.