You can donate shares of stocks or mutual funds to Chautauqua Institution or Chautauqua Foundation. Please notify the Foundation office at (716) 357-6404 before you initiate the transfer of your stock gift. It is our only way of identifying who the gift is from and we would like to thank you!

Stock Gifts

Please use the following instructions for any stock gifts you would like to make to the annual Chautauqua Fund, or for gifts to Chautauqua Foundation's endowment.

Muriel Siebert & Co., Inc.
Jersey City Office
111 Town Square Place, Suite 310
Jersey City, NJ 07310 

Fax: 201-239-5749

DTC #0226 
Chautauqua Foundation account CXT-369330 
Federal ID #16-6028421

Mutual Funds

While the process of gifting stock to the Chautauqua Foundation is easily done, gifting mutual fund shares requires additional administrative effort on the part of the donor and the Foundation. We recommend advanced preparation when the timing of a gift is critical. Typically you will have to provide the mutual fund written instructions to make the transfer (although requirements may vary among mutual fund sponsors). This letter requires the signature of all account owner(s) and will have to be guaranteed by a bank or brokerage firm. Click here for a sample letter.

Capital Gifts

If you would like to make a gift of securities towards a capital gift to Chautauqua Institution, please contact the Chautauqua Foundation office at (716) 357-6404 and notify the Foundation when you initiate the transfer of the securities; it is our only way of identifying who the gift is from and we would like to thank you!


Did you discover CHQ through friends or family who invited you to experience this community as a guest in their home? If you would like to thank your host for their hospitality, please consider making a gift to the Chautauqua Fund in their honor.

From morning worship to the evening performances—and the wonderful moments in between—CHQ offers numerous opportunities to engage, reflect and explore. All these moments are made possible thanks to generous support. To have an immediate impact on the innovation and quality of programs found at CHQ, please make a gift including your host’s name so CHQ may share your appreciation with them.

It is rare that in the course of our everyday actions we have the unique opportunity to so directly shape the life of a young person and to help propel his or her artistic future. And yet, that is precisely what a scholarship gift does.

The students who are enrolled in the Schools of Performing and Visual Arts provide the energy and vibrancy CHQ welcomes and celebrates each summer. Philanthropy makes possible the continued flow of fresh talent and creative vigor that is at the heart of the CHQ experience.

Currently, approximately 85% of the students enrolled at CHQ will receive financial aid with the average scholarship award covering about 65% of their overall cost to attend. The average cost of tuition, room and board–which varies slightly based on the program in which the student is enrolled–is approximately $3,500. It is an ongoing challenge to ensure that all students–regardless of their economic means–have the opportunity to study their craft and excel in their creative endeavors at CHQ.

Extraordinary talent and desire bear no relation to financial means. Countless CHQ dancers, musicians, actors, artists, writers and singers have come to study here from limited financial backgrounds, then have gone on to achieve prominence in their art forms. 


"I think what makes Chautauqua unique is the communal environment. ... The students feel very close to one another and support each other. I remember many of my friends attending my performances and master classes, which displays the supportive atmosphere at Chautauqua. The high level of faculty inspired me to do my best, and although I worked hard, I enjoyed every moment.”

—Karin Theobald, Music School Festival Orchestra



RenjilianTimothy Renjilian, Chair
Atlanta, Georgia

Director since: 2017
Committee membership: Audit, Development Council, Executive Committee (Chair), Finance, Investment, Nominating & Governance, Personnel



anderson DSC 9843David Anderson
Hingham, Massachusetts

Director since: 2015
Committee membership: Development Council, Executive Committee, InvestmentNominating & Governance (Chair)



camden DSC 9891Andrew L. Camden
Grosse Point, Michigan

Director since: 2001
Committee membership: Executive Committee, Investment (Chair) 



fine DSC 9875Lauren Rich Fine
Shaker Heights, Ohio

Director since: 2006
Committee membership: Audit, Investment, Personnel



Gamble IMG 15181Charles S. Gamble
Dunedin, Florida

Director since: 2018
Committee membership: Audit, Finance, Investment



goodell DSC 9859Karen J. Goodell, Vice Chair
New York, New York

Director since: 2001
Committee membership: Development Council, Executive Committee, Nominating & Governance



haughton john 2014John Haughton
Buffalo, New York

Director since: 2017
Committee membership: Development Council, Finance, Nominating & Governance



MHill 2017 rd 2318Michael E. Hill, Chautauqua Institution president
Washington, DC and Chautauqua, New York

Director since: 2017- ex-officio
Committee membership: Executive Committee



bill jamesWilliam M. James
New York, New York

Director since: 2013
Committee membership: Audit, Nominating & Governance



2017 Board Portraits Kyler NancyNancy Kyler
Staunton, VA

Director since: 2019
Committee membership: 
Audit,Development Council, Personnel



081519 FDNBoard Craig Marthinsen DM 02Craig Marthinsen
Toronto, Ontario

Director since: 2018
Committee membership: Finance, Investment, Personnel


Anne Odland 100 3283Anne Odland
Washington, DC

Director since: 2014
Committee membership: Audit (Chair), Executive Committee, Finance



081519 FDNBoard AnneHoytScavone DMAnne Hoyt Scavone
New York NY

Director since: 2018
Committee membership: Development Council, Personnel, Nominating & Governance


Sheila SchroederSheila Schroeder
San Francisco, California

Director since: 2017
Committee membership: Executive Committee, Investment, Nominating & Governance



snyder DSC 9836George T. Snyder
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Director since: 2013
Committee membership: Executive Committee, Finance, Personnel (Chair) 



WadeRichard Wade
Fountain Hills, Arizona

Director since: 2016
Committee membership: Audit, Finance, Personnel 



zenzak DSC 9895Stephen J. Zenczak
Gates Mills, Ohio

Director since: 2007
Committee membership: Audit, Executive Committee, Finance (Chair)



Legal Counsel: Samuel P. Price, Jamestown, New York

Institution Chair: Candy Maxwell, Linthicum Heights, MD

NOW Generation Representative: Russell Bermel, Washington, DC



Timothy Renjilian • Chair

Karen J. Goodell • Vice Chair

George L. Follansbee, Jr. • Chief Executive Officer

Debbie Moore, CPA • Treasurer & Chief Financial Officer

Theresa Frangione • Corporate Secretary

Former Directors

Wilson C. Price (1937-62) • Mrs. E.J. Bellinger (1937-63) • Mrs. L. D. Boal (1937-55) • Samuel M. Hazlett (1937-56) • James H. Matthews (1937-39) • Walter Roberts (1937-59) • David L. Starr (1937-51) • Mrs. Livingston Hunter (1939-41) • Mrs. Dorothy Smith (1943-50) • Walter F. Rittman (1950-54) • Harold F. Reed (1951-71) • Mrs. Walter F. Rittman (1955-64) • Paul N. Anderson (1955-65) • Walter C. Shaw, Jr. (1956-74) • John D. Hamilton (1959-71) • Samuel P. Price, Sr. (1962-95) • Mrs. Dorothy W. Cook (1964-87) • Lewis W. Morgan (1964-90) • Nancy Miller Arnn (1965-89) • Richard H. Miller (1971-95) • J. Donald Patton (1971-84) • Howard G. Gibbs (1974-90) • Oscar E. Remick (1975-76) • Robert S. Bargar (1976-94) • Mrs. Mary B. McDowell (1976-82) • John S. Rogers (1976-86) • David H. Carnahan (1976-2000) • George L. Cornell (1976-2001) • Joseph A. Neubauer (1977-83) • Robert R. Hesse (1978-83) • Richard L. Bechtolt (1982-2006) • Daniel L. Bratton (1983-2000) • Edward P. Boyle (1984-94) • Frank E. McElree, Jr. (1984-96) • H. David Faust (1986-88) • Mary Frances Cram (1987-93) • Robert B. Osburn (1989-96) • Harold F. Reed, Jr. (1989-2001) • Eugene S. Cohen (1990-98) • George L. Follansbee, Jr. (1990-2004) • Hal A. Fausnaugh (1990-94) • R. Quintus Anderson (1991-95) • William F. Hill, II (1991-2005) • Patricia Goldman (1992-2003) • Marilyn G. Levinson (1992-2000) • William H. Park (1993-2005) • William G. Karslake (1994-95) • James G. Groninger (1994-2014) • William R. Goodell (1994-2019) • Thomas R. Bromeley (1995-2001) • vic gelb (1995-2011) • Selina P. Johnson (1996-2008) • Wilfred R. Konneker (1996-2006) • Lowell K. Strohl (1996-2010) • Miriam S. Reading (1997-2006) • Susan Moran Murphy (1998-2018) • Martin Coyle (2000-2003) • Wendy Cohen (2001-2011) • Scott McVay (2001-2003) • Alan Short (2001-2005) • John H. Connolly, Jr. (2003-2018) • Fred C. Gregory (2004-2008) • John W. Burden, III (2005-2007) • Kathryn Lincoln (2005-2011) • Christopher Lytle (2005-2014) • I. Hale Oliver (2005-2013) • Steven W. Percy (2007-2015) • Char Fowler (2008-2012) • John A. Corry (2008-2013) • John E. Anderson (2008-2016) • Gary M. Brost (2010-2016) • Thomas B. Hagen (2011-2017) • John Kobacker (2011-2016) • Laura P. Currie (2012-2017) • Cathy L. Bonner (2013-2019) • P. James Brady (2015-2016)• John A. Milos (2016-2019)

Former Board Leadership

Walter Roberts (August 1937 to August 1957)

Harold F. Reed (August 1957 to August 1967)

John D. Hamilton (August 1967 to August 1971)

Richard H. Miller (August 1971 to August 1996)

William H. Hill (August 1996 to August 2002)

Lowell K. Strohl (August 2002 to August 2008)

Steven W. Percy (August 2008 to August 2015)

Cathy L. Bonner (August 2015 to August 2019)

Committee Structure

The work of the Chautauqua Foundation is overseen by eight committees which are empowered by the full board of Directors to act on behalf of the board on select issues not reserved by the Board: Development Council, Executive, Finance, Audit, Investment, Nominating and Governance, Personnel, and Campaign Cabinet. With the exception of the Development Council, which is a joint committee with the Chautauqua Institution, each committee has a minimum of five voting members, and shall include the chairman, the vice-chairman most senior in service as a vice-chairman, the chief executive officer, the president of the Chautauqua Institution and additional members of the Board. The number of the additional members shall be determined, and shall be elected, by the Board. Meetings of any committee may be called by the chairman or by two members of the committee.


The Executive Committee is chaired by the Chairman of the Board, is empowered to act on behalf of the corporation in any matter when the board is not in session, except election of Directors and officers, appointment or termination of the CEO, or amendment to the by-laws, which powers shall be reserved for the full board.


The Audit Committee's responsibility lies in assisting the Board of Directors in fulfilling its responsibility to oversee managements conduct of financial reporting and disclosure, system of internal controls and compliance, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and the independent auditors qualifications, performance, and independence.


The Finance Committee is responsible for the review and oversight of the Foundation's audit and finance functions and related communications, and to recommend to the Foundation Board of Directors policies,  guidelines and objectives based on that review and oversight.


The Investment Committee recommends to the Board policies, guidelines, and objectives for the deployment of all the financial assets of the Foundation. The Committee will monitor this deployment on a continuing basis for consistency of investment philosophy, return relative to objectives, investment risk, and the performance of the Foundation's financial advisors.


The Personnel Committee recommends personnel policies to the Board and monitors the execution thereof. The committee specifically audits the implementation of the performance appraisal systems and personnel policies, assists the Board in setting the goals for and reviewing the performance of the Foundation's CEO, serves as an appeal and review board for Foundation personnel aggrieved by personnel actions of the CEO, and reviews the personnel policies of the Foundation to assure that these policies are consistent with the Institutions personnel policies.


The Nominating and Governance Committee is a standing committee of the Chautauqua Foundation, Inc. charged with ensuring the effective recruitment and performance of the Foundation's Board of Directors and governance of the Foundation. The recruiting objective requires the committee to assess on a continuing basis the skills and characteristics needed on the board, assemble, maintain, evaluate, and amend a list of potential candidates for nomination, maintain contact with the Nominating Committee of the Board of Trustees, increase the knowledge base about and cultivate potential candidates, provide appropriate information and motivation to those requested to consider nomination for election, nominate candidates to the membership for election and terms of office, and ensure an appropriate orientation process.


The Development Council is a standing committee of both the Chautauqua Foundation Board of Directors and the Chautauqua Institution Board of Trustees and serves as the primary interface between the two organizations on the issue of philanthropy. Its role is to discuss, evaluate, and recommend policies and actions to the Chautauqua Foundation and Institution boards on all matters affecting the philanthropic development of Chautauqua.