The Chautauqua Institution offers two housing facilities, Bellinger Hall and Lincoln Dorm.  Lincoln Dorm is a girls only facility, and Bellinger Hall has a men only wing, two women only wings and one co-ed wing.  You may indicate your preference on your registration forms that you receive once admitted into the schools.

CHQ provides residence hall lodging for approximately 280 full-time students enrolled in the art, music, dance and theater schools. The residence halls are located within walking distance to all of the music festival facilities.  Dorm rooms are mainly all doubles, but we do have a few triples and quad rooms.  Each room comes with a bed, desk and closet for each student and the bathroom is shared with one other room.  Two full time dorm counselors are hired specifically for each wing as well as two student counselors.  Students are housed together based on their age and discipline.  Dormitories will be open for students to move in as early as Friday, June 24.

Meal Plans

All students who live in the residence halls will automatically be enrolled in our full meal plan.  This plan includes breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week.  There is no option to opt-out of the meal plan.

The food service in the residence hall operates very much like a food court. Because we are using the food court set-up, there will be vegetarian offerings at every meal for any student. “Vegetarian” meals are not vegan meals.  Please be aware that we cannot accommodate unique or individual dietary requests. 

There are no cooking or food storage facilities in the dormitory.  If you have questions on our food service or its offerings, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help you.  You may bring a mini-fridge to keep in your room.